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How to Use TravelSites for Your Next Solo Adventure

People often describe their solo trips as a life-changing experience that will forever influence the way they see themselves, other people, and the world. When you live a life filled with friends, family, jobs, and responsibilities – as most people do – it’s easy to fall into the robotic schedule of the everyday. That’s why when you venture out into the unknown with no one to depend on but yourself, you get this calmness and insight that’s hard to attain in any other situation.How to Use TravelSites, a new travel website with tons of great resources for planning.Here, you will learn all about How to Use TravelSites.

How to Use TravelSites

Just as traveling alone can be adventurous and exciting, it can also sometimes be a little overwhelming and scary. is an online platform that can help you conquer your fear and prepare yourself for a journey that might change the rest of your life. The easy-to-use website is split into categories that travelers need, and under each category, you’ll find a list of resources that have been ranked and reviewed by other travelers such as yourself. With everything in one place, it really can lessen the anxiety you may feel when planning your upcoming solo feat.

Learn How to Use TravelSites

Step 1: Picking a destination

Categories on TravelSites that can help you pick a destination include:

  • Last Minute Travel & Cheap Flights Sites (These are useful if you want to pick a location based on cost.)
  • Vacation Packages (FYI – having everything set up for you might take away from the ‘solo adventure’ experience.)
  • Best Travel Blogs
  • Travel Channels
  • Travel Books
  • Travel Forums
  • Best Travel Reddits
  • Travel Guides
  • Instagram Travel Blogs

How to Use TravelSites

The Instagram Travel Blog category is a favorite when it comes to choosing a destination because the accounts listed are filled with vibrant photographs and videos taken by people who’ve been there. They visual often comes with a detailed caption of the location and is filled with information that could convince you that it’s where you want to go.

Step 2: Figuring out how to get around

How to Use TravelSites

The concept of just packing your bags and leaving is nice, but in reality, where are you going? How are you getting there? Do you have enough money? When it comes to solo life-changing adventures, we honestly suggest that you confirm as little as possible so you can go where the wind takes you – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your research and know your options just in case. Use the resources listed under the following categories to get an idea of how you can get places and approximately how much you would need to get there.

  • Cheap Flights Sites
  • Car Rental Sites
  • Best Cruises Sites (Again, not a great choice for this type of journey.)
  • RV Rental Sites
  • Train, Bus and Other
  • Navigation (Great to have a map with you at all times just in case.)
  • Ridesharing Sites
  • Park and Go Sites

Step 3: Finding places to stay

How to Use TravelSites

One of the best things about is that it is fully accessible from any smartphone or tablet, which means you can take all these resources with you and have them at the palm of your hand when you need it. Usually, people who are traveling for a month or longer like to confirm accommodation just for the first day or two so they don’t feel unsettled as soon as they land. Afterward, people like to go wherever they want; sometimes, you might make a new friend at the hostel you’re staying in and decided to travel further with them. Other times, you might hear about a crazy event three hours away and decide to go there. The following TravelSites categories are perfect for finding accommodation of all sorts and in all budgets:

  • Hotel Booking Sites
  • Home Away
  • RV Rental Sites (Takes care of accommodation and transportation!)
  • Hostel Booking Sites
  • Camping Sites

Step 4: Embracing new experiences

How to Use TravelSites

The below-listed categories on TravelSites can give you an idea of what to expect in terms of things to see and do.

  • Best Travel Blogs (If you find someone who’s already been there, read their blog posts to see what they suggest and maybe pick up a few tips and suggestions.)
  • Activities and Tour Sites
  • Navigation (The highest-ranked resource listed under Navigation is Google Maps, and unsurprisingly, Google Maps offers some great suggestions on nearby places to explore.)
  • Trip Planner Sites
  • Travel Guide Apps
  • Travel Channels
  • Travel Books
  • Travel Forums
  • Best Travel Reddits
  • Travel News Sites (Throwing yourself into your surroundings might keep you away with what is happening in other places. Always check the news for any travel advisories that may have been placed just in case you were planning on going there.)

Imagine experiences such as dancing at Carnival in Brazil, running with the bulls in Spain, or witnessing the Sun Festival in Egypt. The things you’ll see, the people you’ll meet, and the feelings you’ll have will stay with you forever. Let these resources help you pick out how to make the most of your time.

Step 5: Safety first

No matter where you’re planning on going and for however long you’ll be there, always ensure that you prioritize your safety. When you’re in a foreign land, especially if you can’t speak the local language, it is always best to keep some backup safety precautions. This includes writing down phone numbers (just in case you lose your phone because no one remembers phone numbers anymore), scanned copies of important documents like passports and visas (emailed to yourself so it doesn’t prove useless when you also lose your phone), and always letting someone back home know where you are. The following categories can help you stay safe no matter where you decide to go:

  • Travel Accessories Store (Mace may be a top seller.)
  • Travel Health Info Sites (Because you never know when you’ll get sick.)
  • Weather Sites (To make sure you stay away from active volcanoes and other natural disasters.)
  • Travel Network Sites (So you can link up with fellow travelers in case you realize midway that a solo trip isn’t for you.)
  • Useful Travel Software (i.e. VPNs to always keep you connected with loved ones back home.)

With all of the information and resources that TravelSites offers, you’ll feel confident and look forward to your solo journey into the unknown. So what’s stopping you now?

How to Use TravelSites

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