How to Use SEO and Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Travel Blog

How to Use SEO and Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Travel Blog

How to Use SEO and Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Travel Blog

There are many important things to do when setting up your travel blog. You need great photos and lots of them, an amazing theme and interesting stories that engage readers.

Then you need to come up with a one of a kind domain name that will let people know what you do and who you are, and that is easy to remember. This can be a bit tricky since tons of them are already taken but it is also extremely important. It will set the whole tone for your blog.

Here is a great tool that will allow you to find one:

I bet you already thought of opening up social media accounts to be able to let people know about what you are doing. But one thing that nobody tells you, in the beginning, is that you have to be very mindful of SEO from day one. After all, this is what will make your website visible on search engines.

And chances are, that you have no idea of how to do it. So having the advice of a team that knows what they are doing is extremely useful.

7 Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Travel Blog using SEO and Social Media

1. Use Google Adwords
Whenever you decide that you wish to create a page or blog post it is extremely important that you go to the free keyword tool from Adwords.

It will tell you all about the keywords that you intend to use, the level of competition, the approximate monthly searches and most importantly, it gives you alternatives to choose from. This allows you to plan carefully the text so that it includes at least three of the keywords.

2. Use a good tool that will help you optimize SEO
As I mentioned before, having the help of a team that knows what they are doing can make all of the difference. There is only so much that articles about SEO optimization tell you. And they definitely don’t help you come up with a full strategy.

Getting help from companies like Bluehost can boost the amount of traffic you get on your blog.

3. Include Social Media in your SEO Strategy
Not a lot of people know that posting your content on social media affects your SEO score too. So it is important to keep them active. Plus, most of them are being used as search engines by their users to find content within their interests.

So don’t neglect your social media outlets. They can increase your traffic a lot.

4. Social Media Makes You Look More Reliable and Builds Authority
Posting constantly about topics that you have experience in and always giving your articles a lot of value for readers gives you authority.

Sharing those posts on social media, answering questions and giving advice as needed in the comments make you look reliable. This makes people more willing to return to your site. Everyone loves reading about interesting topics and learning from them. That’s how you start building an audience.

5. Consistency
Now that you have quality content, it is time to come up with a posting schedule. Posting on a regular basis can make a huge difference to your overall traffic.

6. Use Long Tail Keywords
A years ago, everyone told you to use short and concise keywords for your content. But in the last couple of years search engines changed and started favoring long tail keywords more. So it is always a good idea to create all of your content using keywords that include three or more words. So basically search phrases.

Yes, using more specific phrases might limit the amount of potential look but at the same time, it allows you to find niches where there are less competition and the visitors that do find you will be more likely to become followers or clients.

This is a case of quality over quantity.

7. Have Strong Social Media Profiles
Your bio on social media platforms is also extremely important. Contrary to what you may think it is not a place to sound funny or poetic, for quotes, etc.

When you have a travel blog and want to get as many views as possible in it. You need to have social media descriptions packed with keywords so that people can find you. This includes all of your contact information.

That is because when you do a search on Google, for example, your blog’s URL might not show up, but maybe because you have such a good facebook description that is what pops up first.

These are my top tips on how to improve traffic on your travel blog using SEO and Social Media. Do you know of others that have proven to be helpful for you? Let me know in the comments.

How to Use SEO and Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Travel Blog

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As you can see. There are no shortcuts to creating a successful travel blog. You have to put in a lot of hard work to make it work but it is definitely worth the hassle.