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When Should You Use Group Rates When Traveling?

Traveling can be a whole lot of fun and something to really look forward to, especially if you’re traveling with a group. Not only is it more enjoyable, but you can get a lot of benefits when traveling in large numbers, starting from dividing the stress of organizing the itinerary and the hassle of booking to even getting discount rates.Should you use Group Rates When Traveling and when? Learn all about that by reading this blog post Group Rates When Traveling.

Group Rates When Traveling 

The question is, when should you use group rates when traveling?


Staying in hotels is always a lovely idea, but it isn’t always the most cost-effective when the number of travelers increases, especially if you’re traveling to a place like Cape Town. However, you’d really benefit from discounted rates when traveling as a group with renting accommodation instead. Not only are there countless options to suit the different standards you’re looking for, from hotel apartments to luxury villas, but you’ll also be able to find suitable options that caters to the entire group at a discounted rate. That way, you’ll also enjoy your holiday a whole lot more when you have the opportunity of sharing an entire villa with your friends or family and give yourselves the flexibility and luxury you’re craving. To kick things up a notch, you might even find yourselves affording a villa with a fantastic view, a private pool, and even other private services according to what your idea of a fabulous vacation is. All that could be within your budget due to group travel rates. 

Private airport shuttle 

Booking a cab from the airport to your accommodation destination as a solo traveler is always a huge expense that is an absolute waste of money since you’re just one person. But the alternative isn’t always convenient either with the hassle of public transportation or having to wait for set times to be able to make a move. When traveling with a group, you can book a private airport shuttle in advance, have someone pick you up from the airport, take you straight to your accommodation, and end up paying almost the same amount as public transportation.  The cost of the private shuttle is divided amongst the entire group making it more economical. This not only gives you flexibility and comfort, but it also takes one less thing to worry about off your shoulder without having to try and figure out the best route to take and where to get off. Traveling with many members can really help in getting group discounts on this occasion. 

Group Rates When Traveling


When it comes to sightseeing, there are countless places where you can book a group tour or family ticket depending on the number of people in your group. You can end up saving the price of 2-3 people and get a huge discount when you book the group tickets allowing you to cut expenses ridiculously. Just be sure to check before you book because each place has different rules. You might even be lucky enough to find a private tour guide available to take your group around for the same price or even skip the ticket line to avoid you spending hours of your vacation standing in a queue. These things can really help you enjoy your vacation a whole lot more and save a great deal of time and money just because you’re making use of the large group that you’re a part of. 


Instead of booking your flights separately, it is always best to speak to a travel agent to see if they can get you a group discount or even check the airline to see if they offer discounted rates for large groups. While not every flight has this option, there are a few that do and you’d be surprised at how much lower the expenses can get. You could even find that because you’re a large group that a charter flight could be organized cutting large amounts of costs as they’re a whole lot cheaper to deal with. Because travel agencies also have deals with airlines, they can help you book several things together for the entire group and getting you a package discount instead. Having someone else handling the booking for you can not only be a stress-free experience but can also get you some pretty good deals. 

Traveling with a large group has its advantages and disadvantages. But one of the most beneficial advantages you can receive is that you’ll be able to cut costs a great deal by taking advantage of group discounts. So, before you book any of the above options, make sure you’ve checked the group rates and see just how much expenses you’ll be able to save. 

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