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Upscale Cocktail Lounge – Treating Yourself to a Night Out – Casa del Ron



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Today I’m going to be talking about treating yourself right and going out to a high end cocktail lounge. Are you ready for some nibbles and inspiration to get you to go into one as well and make every single day an adventure. Ready to make every day an adventure. Let’s begin.

So I live in Antigua, Guatemala. Guatemala, Interestingly enough, is known for one of the best rums in the world, Zacapa Rum. I don’t know if you guys have heard of it, but if you do know anything at all about Ram, you will know right away. Zacapa is one of the best. And actually, if you buy one of their limited editions, we’re talking several hundred dollars for a bottle.

It is very high and it is one of the most respected rums in the world. And what they do is they also have two or three these high end cocktail lounges in Guatemala. I think there’s only two or three in the whole country and one of them is in Antigua Guatemala. So I’m not going to lie to you. Guatemala is a narco economy.

We all know it. And if you’re pretending that it’s not true, it’s a lie. It’s a normal thing. 80% of the economy here somehow revolves around narco. If you don’t know what narco is or watch Narcos on Netflix and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what that is, basically drug lording, the whole thing.

And I’m married to Guatemala. So every time we used to pass this Casa dear, this beautiful lounge or it’s also a restaurant, I used to say, I really want to go there. He’s like, oh, no, it’s just a bunch of Narcos, a bunch of these Cowboys, blah, blah, blah. Because it’s just limiting belief of anything that’s super high end that it’s automatically only visited by the Narcos. Finally, I convinced him, let’s go during a weekday when there’s nobody really there, right?

Because on weekends, it gets populated. I highly doubt that it is. Narcos is probably just wealthier people because it is high and it is a little bit pricey. So finally I convinced him to go to Casa Del Ron. And I have to tell you this, all right, I’m just going to cut it to the point.

He loved it. It was such an incredible experience. First of all, the service is top notch. It is one of the best services we have ever had. So of course, if you are going to be in Casa Del Ron, the rum they serve is usually of the highest quality.

I am not a rum drinker because I’m used to crap like Big Hearty and other cheap rums because that’s really what people have on hand. I’m not a rum drinker, so I will never go seeking the really good rum. So here they have this amazing menu of all these different kinds of cocktails all infused with rum or I should say on rum is the cup of rum is the base. And we ended up ordering two different cocktails. My husband got one for himself, and I personally enjoy a really sweet kind of cocktails and one for me.

I have never tasted anything so tasty, so fluid. Like, it had almost silky flavors. It was fantastic. Right. Then we also ordered some munchies.

We didn’t want to actually eat the meals Because we are vegans and vegetarians. And the majority of the meals, like the main meals or the hot dishes, were all meat based, except where they have this one French fries. But it’s more of, like, home fries with this truffle sauce and whatnot it’s like, okay. It’s the only thing that we can really eat. And it was heavenly.

Absolutely heavenly. So there’s a reason why it’s called the high end bar, I guess it’s not really a bar. It’s more like a lounge restaurant, because just the price alone is more expensive than the regular meal at any other restaurant. But again, really worth it. So worth it.

And then we have to, of course, top it off with a dessert. So every single dessert had the Zacapa rum somehow infused into it. We got the creme brulee, and then at the end, they put this little bit of a cup of gold that actually had gold flakes in it on top of it. I mean, the whole thing, it’s not just, like, going and eating. It’s a full on experience.

And if you have these places that you see and you’re like, oh, it’s too expensive. It’s too much for my taste. Or come up with another silly story, like, only visited by Narcos, you’re going to limit yourself. Finally, my husband allowed me to convince him we had such a fun time. And then you could go into the cavern Where they keep the barrels.

So the whole thing was just a true experience. And it was even better Because we were the only ones there at that time. I usually don’t enjoy going to restaurants in Antigua when we’re the only ones there Because everybody’s constantly on top of us. But it wasn’t like that at all. Like, the waiters knew their place.

It was just everything was very high end, high quality, and it was an experience that me and my husband will totally remember for a long time. So treat yourselves, guys. We only live once, and if you can’t think of something really cool make every day an adventure style of things to do that are right there in your own home, in your backyard. Go to, travel experta like expert with an a dot com, and I’ve got 365 idealists for you completely for free. Go and check it out.

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