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Unusual Places to Visit in a RV Trip in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the world’s most famous cities, and the reasons that make this jewel of a town well known are also what bring many thousands of travelers in their RV rentals to the Bay Area each year. Not only do you have a high number of famous sights to see, but you have a vibrant and lively culture that has kept this thriving city fresh and different for decades.

San Francisco should not just be seen as a stop along a coastal tour. With enough to do and see to last the average traveler an entire stay. Five of the best places to visit when you travel to San Francisco. Take a look at this shortlist of San Francisco travel during USA travel.

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San Francisco Travel

If you want to make the right decision and visit San Francisco and the Bay Area, make sure to put the below items on your to-do list.

Catch A Game At Candlestick

This famous park is home to MLB’s The Giants, and catching a game here will be appealing even to nonsports fans. The park offers sweeping views of the San Francisco skyline and has a storied and colorful history that is fun to learn about. There is even great food here that goes beyond just your average hot dogs and French fries. So grab a bite, a beer, and head out to Candlestick during your stay. And don’t worry about whether it’s a day or a night game, as this park is beautiful at any time of the day.

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See The Golden Gate Bridge

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge is a tradition that goes back over a hundred years, and when travelers take their RV rentals and cross the bridge they are quick to find out why. This architectural marvel is truly one of the wonders of the USA, offering sweeping views of the skyline and Bay. No matter if you are driving into or out of the city, the bridge on either side offers a view you won’t soon forget. Many travelers simply drive across the bridge and back again in order to take it all in.

Check Out The Haight

The Haight-Ashbury section of the city became famous in the 60s as the birthplace of the flower power movement, becoming home to rock titans from Janis Joplin to the Grateful Dead. Although the neighborhood has come a long way from its humble working-class origins, much of the colorful scene of the 60s is still here on offer. Check out the rows of colorful Victorian houses. Browse the funky boutiques, bookstores, and record shops. The people-watching here is also key, as many colorful and friendly artists and musicians from the 60s still occupy the neighborhood. Anyone traveling through San Francisco should definitely not miss a stroll through The Haight.

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Golden Gate Park

Not only is Golden Gate one of the most massive parks in the entire country, but it is absolutely gorgeous and boasts a plethora of activities and events. There are nature trails here that will make you forget you’re in the midst of a major metropolis. There is paddle boating and canoeing available in some of the many ponds that dot the landscape.

There are lush gardens, meadows, forests, and wildlife. Many events are held in the park throughout the seasons, from massive farmers markets to outdoor music festivals, so make sure to check the schedule for your particular journey. You really can’t beat a nice day out in Golden Gate.

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Visit Chinatown

No trip to San Francisco is complete without a stroll through the teeming streets of Chinatown. This large and vibrant neighborhood has a colorful and fascinating history that is well worth reading about online before visiting the neighborhood. This will give you an appreciation for this tight-knit community of Chinese merchants, restaurants, and novelty stores that line the zigzagging narrow streets like something out of a movie.

You can easily spend an entire day in Chinatown, so make sure to leave yourself enough time to truly get to know this neighborhood. On any given day, there are man massive markets where you can browse and get great deals on everything from vegetables and fresh fish to high-end clothing. This is not to mention the plethora of family-owned restaurants serving up delicious Chinese fare. This is not your average Chinese food. These are authentic, hearty, and delicious plates served up using centuries-old recipes. Make sure to look up some of the best spots to hit so you know where to go when you want a bite.

There are so many attractions in San Francisco that it would be tough to list them all. All over the city, you have great food, amazing entertainment, shopping, and distinctive neighborhoods to explore, each with its own unique vibe. And if you’ve yet to decide where to check out RV rentals, San Francisco has plenty of rental companies you can work with. So let’s get this road trip started, shall we?

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