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5 Out Of The Ordinary Places to Visit in Las Vegas

We’ve put together this list for the adventurous ones out there, looking to have a bit of a different experience during their Las Vegas visit (or the curious local). Each of these locations includes something that you wouldn’t normally expect, but that’s exactly what makes Vegas one of the unique cities on Earth.Five of the best places to visit in Las Vegas that are out of the ordinary.In this post, you will find a list of places to visit in Las Vegas.

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Places to Visit in Las Vegas

Unusual Places to Visit in Las Vegas

1. The Neon Boneyard

As time passes, all things pass with it. Las Vegas is no different. This unique spot in The Neon Museum hosts a large collection of neon signs that have been replaced or fell out of use over the years. They display the history of the city in a unique-if chilling-sort of way.

The tour lasts for about an hour, and you may either choose a guided tour with a museum associate or a self-guided tour. The tours are open seven days per week, but the times and availability will vary depending on the season.

The collection of signs was procured by various private individuals and organizations, as well as government entities, in an effort to maintain the historicity of the city. The signs display trends in design, as well as reminders of a bygone era when the city first began to garner its “Sin City” reputation.

This is a must-see spot for any history buffs or anyone with a general interest in antiques. It’s a short tour, but well worth the money to learn the often disregarded history of the infamous city. Don’t forget to include this one in your travel plans!

2. The Apex Social Club

Las Vegas is literally swimming with various nightclubs, all of which claim to have their own “flavor”, though none match the ambiance of the Apex Social Club. Located on the 55th floor of one of the biggest resorts in Vegas, The Palms Casino and Resort, this nightclub has something special to offer its customers.

Featuring an outdoor patio and around 8,000 square feet of space, this club is both spacious and stunning simultaneously. Admire the view from atop the 55th floor, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding desert.

The bustling city will seem like a dream come true as you sip on a hand-crafted cocktail served up by the club’s mixology experts in style. Admire the four unique sculptures in the lounge that give this Las Vegas nightclub its place in our out-of-the-ordinary list.

3. Ever Wanted To Drive A Ferrari?

Maybe flying down a race track in some of the world’s most expensive cars wasn’t on your itinerary, but it certainly should be! This is a one-of-a-kind experience offered by Exotics Racing that you’ll be talking about with your friends for months.

Step into the driver seat of some of the fastest and most expensive cars on the market; from Ferraris to Lamborghinis to McLarens, the track is sure to have something to offer any car enthusiast or thrill seeker.

Boasting three separate racetracks, each just under two miles long with 1,600 ft straightaways, you can take the world’s fastest cars to their limits; all within safety regulations, of course. A certified instructor will accompany you on your ride to make sure you don’t forget to hit the brakes now and then.

Exotics Racing started out in 2009, pioneering the industry of casual sports car racing, and have been multi-award winner ever since. With an unforgettable fleet of superfast and luxurious cars, expert race instructors, and even a racing school, this is one experience you must make time for if you’re in Vegas.

4. Solve A Murder At CSI: The Experience

Are you a CSI fan? Then look no further for the ultimate fan experience than MGM Grand’s CSI: The Experience. MGM Grand is already one of the most luxurious and highly rated resorts/hotels in Las Vegas, and now you can spend your free time solving a crime.

The premise is simple; you gather evidence on a pre-determined crime, work the case, and your team attempts to solve the mystery. It’s an incredibly immersive experience and no run-of-the-mill sideshow.

The experience boasts state-of-the-art forensic labs for you to use, as well as special effects to make the entire experience as realistic as possible without any actual crimes taking place. If you were looking for something memorable, this is the place!

While the CSI Experience is recommended for those twelve and up, children can take part if accompanied by an adult. Remember that it does contain adult subject matter, however, and discretion should be observed.

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5. The Minus 5 Experience

Who’d have thought a club/bar made entirely of ice was an amazing and successful idea? The guys at Minus 5 certainly did, and that’s exactly what they’ve done! The entire bar is made of ice, and everything is kept frozen year-round.

Once you’ve chosen the package you want, you’ll be fitted with a parka and other winter gear and sent through to the icy wonderland. Neon lights, unique ice sculptures, and upbeat music provide a truly one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll want to brag about.

Don’t worry, though; the clothes are nice and warm! Everything is temperature-controlled. You can roam the various rooms and check out sculptures, or get your picture taken by professional photographers. The possibilities are endless at this out-of-the-ordinary Las Vegas experience.

Something A Little Different

Mixing it up can make a vacation more memorable than a traditional hotel-and-explore trip. Try some new things; drive a race car, have a beer in an ice cave. Las Vegas is home to thousands of separate experiences. The choice is yours!

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