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Unusual Places To Visit in Arizona

Arizona is perhaps best known for the Grand Canyon which is the United States’ most visited vacation attraction – no mean feat. However, there is more to Arizona than its natural beauty, it’s desert heat, and its beautiful attractions – there is a distinctly odder side to Arizona. If you’re looking for quirky, unusual or offbeat, The Copper State might not be the first place you think of, but maybe it should be!The most unusual but still amazing places to visit while traveling in Arizona.Take a look at this shortlist of places to visit in Arizona.
Exploring Arizona's Quirky Side - USA Travel


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Just check out these very quirky attractions, which you can enjoy and be puzzled by in equal measures, in Arizona:

The Mini Time Machine Museum on Miniatures, Tuscon

Places To Visit in Arizona


Try to say that really quickly! This museum is really unique in that it is made up of lots of very tiny displays. However, their small size does not take away from the fact that they do an excellent job of transporting you to different eras and lands that you could only dream of in your wildest imagination. It might sound like a bit of an odd attraction, but trust me, you’ll love it.

Meteor Crater, Winslow

Places To Visit in Arizona


Did you know that Winslow in Arizona (or just outside) is home to a perfectly preserved 50,000-year-old asteroid strike? Pretty cool, huh? Meteor Crater offer tours of the location as well as a discovery center and an attraction which features moon-like terrain. If you’re into space, or your kids are, you’ll have a fabulous time looking at something that is truly unique and out of this world, right in the heart of Arizona.

The Mystery Castle, Phoenix

Phoenix is home to an amazing mystery castle which is located at the bottom of South Mountain, It was built by Boyce Gully who, after being diagnosed with TB, left his wife and young child in Seattle. Moved to the arid desert of Arizona and set about building what is now known as Mystery Castle. He used a range of desert rocks and found materials to create what is one of the most memorable buildings in the United States. When he died, his daughter visited the castle and was immediately reminded of the castle she, as a young girl had asked her father to build for her. It’s a touching monument to love that you can visit for yourself between October and May. It’s also very close to The Camby hotel which offers high-level luxury in the heart of Phoenix. So, why not kill two birds with one stone and spend some time in two very different, but very beautiful buildings?

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visit in Arizona


Arcosanti is interesting because it is an experimental  United States city that is located in the high desert. Dreamed up by Paolo Soleri, the now-deceased Italian-born architect who studied under Frank Loyd Wright in Arizona, it is a city that seamlessly blends arcology and ecology for a unique living experience. Home to around 60 residents, daily tours which include open-air theater performances and musical events are held there, and you can even stay the night in a unique guest room if you so desire. It really has to be seen to be believed.  

Time to get off the beaten track a little?

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