Unusual Family Holidays in the UK

You’ve gone through it before. You’ve done a lot of traveling and gone a long way. Have we encouraged you to assemble your family and go on that vacation you envisioned while you know Family Holidays in the UK?

Family Holidays in the UK

And now you want to try something new. Our unconventional vacations, on the other hand, take you off the beaten road – and they don’t stop there.

Being unique isn’t about being voyeuristic for us. It’s all about adjusting to a completely another way of life.

Planning family vacations in the United Kingdom might feel like the same old grind. Traveling to Edinburgh, London or Manchester every year may become boring for you.

If you’re looking for something different to do this year, why not try one of the UK’s most unique family vacations?

It all began in 1957 in Liverpool. A trip that lasted for decades and touched the lives of millions of individuals all around the planet.

Liverpool has converted a section of the city into a “Living History” devoted to this remarkable bunch of guys long after they broke up.

Join us on a wonderful trip through the band’s history, from their youthful origins to the startling conclusion.

See how they started their careers and grew into one of the world’s greatest and most important bands.

It doesn’t get much more intriguing than exploring the ins and outs of the Beatles’ illusory universe if you’re searching for unique and offbeat UK days out.

  • At Puzzlewood, you may walk in J R R Tolkien’s footsteps

Family Holidays in the UK

We all remember J R R Tolkien, the famous English author, but did you even know that the woods of Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings book series and movie franchise were influenced by this British emotional connection?

Puzzlewood may be the type of thing you’ve been seeking if you’re searching for one of England’s biggest tourist attractions.

You may walk in the footsteps of many great people and try to identify the classic backdrops utilised in scenarios.

Puzzlewood also has an intriguing history, having been founded in Roman times and utilised as an iron ore area before even being permitted to develop naturally for several generations.

A landowner in the early 1800s constructed a network of routes through the forest’s overgrown trees and shrubs, transforming Puzzlewood into the enchanted woodland it is today.

  • Narrowboat on the Warwickshire waterways

Family Holidays in the UK

For most families, a trip on a narrowboat through the Warwickshire countryside is not on the top of their to-do list.

These contemporary boats, on the other hand, can accommodate four to 6 people and are equipped with all of the latest conveniences, featuring onboard WiFi!

Take a relaxing narrowboat ride from Alvechurch to Stratford-upon-Avon and let all your worries fade away.

Alternatively, drive your narrowboat into Birmingham’s city centre and see all of the town’s hidden treasures from the waters.

  • Lighthouse Cottage in Norfolk

This modest Grade II listed former lighthouse-cottage keeper’s (sleeping 4–5) is perfectly placed for the coastal attractions of Cromer as well as the Broads. It lies opposite a functioning red-and-white striped lighthouse that you may climb on Sundays in peak season.

Another feature for children is a cellar that has been turned into a playroom just for them, with a huge enclosed yard outdoors.

  • The White Scar Caves limestone tunnels are worth exploring

The White Scar Caves are a fun and interesting UK destination that is well definitely worth a visit, even though they are classified as being in North Yorkshire.

Its walking tour lasts around 80 minutes and describes the cave’s development over 200,000 years ago, as well as its magnificent stalactites. It has the longest cave display in England, stretching for a maximum of one mile.

The very first waterfall, which falls into a rocky pool, was uncovered in 1923 and is only a short distance after entrance.

Keep a lookout for the witch’s fingers, the judge’s skull, and the devil’s tongue, among eight other mysteries as you navigate your way through the caves.

  • At the JORVIK Viking Festival, you could live like a Viking

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live during the Viking Age?

You are no longer required to do so.

Every February, York hosts the annual JORVIK Viking Festival, where you may rejoice as the Vikings did in the ninth century.

The entire population of York pays honour to this event, which has been going on for over four decades and invites tourists from all over the world to partake in the celebrations.

Raise your shields, position your spears, and fasten your helmets for the Viking Costume Competition or the Have-a-Go Sword Masterclasses, all of which will leave you with lifelong memories.

Understand everything about the Viking expeditions during their Saga Storytelling events, and when the festivities are over, take full advantage of York’s unique past by visiting its historic centre of the city.

This highly desirable destination is a must-see for a unique day out in England; with spectacular combat displays, intriguing historical narratives, and a weekend full of fun-filled festivities, it’s not to be overlooked.

After you’ve done, relax with a cool beer at one of York’s numerous dog-friendly restaurants with your beloved pet by your side.


Have we encouraged you to assemble your family and go on that vacation you envisioned while reading this post now that you know all about the unique things to do in the UK?

Last Updated on May 4, 2022

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