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Untraditional Ways to Grow Your Travel Fund for Your Slow Travel Abroad

The habit of working and saving up for a vacation, spending those savings while you’re on the road, then going home to save up again can be frustrating for those who love to travel. But what if you could make money while you’re on the road and extend your vacation? Check out the tips below to help you find a way to just keep going.Four of the best ways to help you grow your travel fund to be able to slow travel abroad for a longer time.This is a tips of travel funding.

Travel Fund for Your Slow Travel Abroad

Nontraditional Ways to Grow Your Travel Fund for Your Slow Travel Abroad

For Ready Cash to grow travel fund

If you need cash quickly, look for those who need extra hands or laborers. Everything from farm work to setting up tents for an outdoor festival can put money in your pocket today. If the event you’re working is an annual thing, you could pick up a steady gig for a short time each year, making it easier to budget and plan your travels moving forward.

In addition, the farmer may feed you and you might get to enjoy the festival for free as you work. Other options for ready cash include picking up a bar tending job or waiting tables. If cash is very short and you are willing, any job that offers tips can fill your coffers quickly.

For A Place To Sleep

If funds are very low and you can’t afford hotel bills any more, there are many ways to make sure you have a place to lay your head. You could get a job at a hostel or resort, enjoying amenities like housing, a food allowance and the pool.

Build Up Your Bank Account to grow travel fund

If you’ve got enough cash for now but want to boost your income for a longer trip in the future, consider reselling items you find at local second hand shops on sites like Etsy or teaching English to locals. Other options include teaching lessons via Skype.

Finally, you might want to check in with your old job. If they wouldn’t allow you to work remotely before you left, they may be having second thoughts now that you’re gone. There are probably many tasks that you used to do on the computer that they’re struggling to get finished and may hire you back as a contractor to do that work. Put your best into it, and maybe you can get hired back on at least part time, gain benefits and build up retirement.

Earn More Than Money to grow travel fund

How do you pay your bills? You probably have a cell phone and some sort of data plan as well as paying for housing and food on the road. There are several credit card options that will allow you to build up points for miles via train or plane as you travel, so why not use your card to make travel money? As long as you pay it off every month, you’re set.

Final Thoughts

Living on the road isn’t easy, and you’ll likely have some lean times. However, if you’re determined to have an adventure, each new connection you make to new bosses, your fellow travelers and local people will give you the chance to expand your horizons. Happy travels!


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