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Unique Travel Experiences in Alberta

Alberta is the land of strong and free and boasts a myriad of unique experiences throughout the province. The annual Calgary Stampede is likely the most famous, but saddle up and keep reading for some unique Travel Experiences in Alberta.

Travel Experiences in Alberta

What to Visit in Alberta?

Neon Sign Museum – Edmonton

A visit to the Neon Sign Museum located in Edmonton is free and if you are after some Instagram-worthy locations, this site needs to top your list. Located at the corner of 104th Street and 104th Avenue, this outdoor museum is open all day, every day.

West Edmonton Mall – Edmonton

The West Edmonton Mall is a shopper’s paradise, with over 800 stores to choose from. There are also bowling alleys, a water park complete with a wave pool, waterslides, and penguins to meet and greet. You can then book a room at the Fantasyland Hotel and choose to sleep in one of their themed rooms, including igloos, pickup trucks, or an African experience.

Down a Caesar – Calgary

Any Canadian will proudly tell you that a Caesar is far superior to a Bloody Mary, but few know that Walter Chell initially concocted the drink right in Calgary, Alberta, back in 1969. While the original salty drink was garnished with a celery stick, these days, you can get just about anything added, from bacon and pickles to jalapeno corn dogs, with Calgary restaurants vying for who makes the best Caesar in the city.

Eat Prairie Oysters – Calgary

If an Albertan offers you rocky mountain oysters, prairie oysters, or mountain oysters, just know that you are actually being offered bull’s testicles. Although there is an entire festival dedicated to this delicacy during the Calgary Stampede, prairie oysters can often be found on pub menus year-round.

Head to the Top – Banff

Hop on the Calgary to Banff shuttle bus service and then head to the top of Sulphur Mountain. The Banff Gondola follows a one-mile track and takes about eight minutes to reach the top, where you will get stunning views of the Canadian Rockies. For fitness buffs and those seeking more adventure, consider hiking the 1.5 to three-hour trail one way.

Release Your Inner Trekkie – Vulcan

Alberta has a history of welcoming alien life forms, but no place goes as far as rolling out the welcome mat as Vulcan, Alberta. This little town lives up to its name with a dedicated Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station dedicated to all space-related, including housing over 800 pieces of Star Trek memorabilia.

Check Out the RCMP Musical Ride – Fort Macleod

The Museum of the North West Mounted Police and First Nations Interpretive Centre is well worth visiting. In addition to being a replica of the fort that originally stood only a few miles away, the performance of the RCMP musical ride is not to be missed. While only a representation of the real deal, you’ll still get to witness the awe of Canadian history on horseback and the carefully performed choreography.

Alberta offers a massive scope of activities and experiences. We hope that we have aroused your interest to search for some of the quirkier aspects of Canadian culture along your journey.

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