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Unique Luxurious Accommodation Options You May Have Never Heard Of

When it comes to taking a vacation, you may opt to splurge for the best accommodation possible. After all, it is a vacation, so you may as well live like a king (or queen) to help rejuvenate you. The idea here is to think outside the box, Cancun is for college kids, you are a savvy traveler right? Getting to somewhere unique? Maybe do something that a lot of people do for vacation but in a new spot that people want to hear about? Then read on.Take a look at this blog post to learn abut three Unique Luxurious Accommodation Options that you might not know of.

When most people decide to go on vacation, they usually look for a hotel to stay in or a house/condo to rent for a while. While some hotels and house rentals may be more lavish than the lifestyle you’re used to living, they’re old news. Instead, if you truly want to have a vacation you’ll never forget, you need to think outside the box.

3 Unique Luxurious Accommodation Options

Luxurious Accommodation
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There are so many more accommodation options available to you. The next time you go on vacation, consider enjoying one of these unique luxury accommodation options you may have never heard of before.

Castle Rental
Why stay in a boring old hotel if you can stay in a castle? If you head to Scotland on your next vacation, you can stay in a Scotland castle for the duration of your trip. While most of them have been renovated into glorious suites, they still possess the history and charm of the castle they used to be. Glenapp Castle has views of the seas and gardens. They also provide afternoon tea to all their guests, which is a great touch to all the other amenities and luxuries you can enjoy.

If you’re looking for a more modern castle with some historic charm, then Isle of Eriska Castle would be the best option for you. This castle has all modern amenities, but it still has the look of an old castle straight out of a fairy tale.

Resort and Spas
If you enjoy wonderful amenities and luxury spa treatments, then you’ll want to stay in a resort and spa combination. RockResorts is one great option, and it has locations in Colorado and Jamaica, so you can enjoy the amenities of this facility whether you want to enjoy the slopes or take in the beach. The Colorado RockResorts are located right at the base of the legendary Vail Mountain, making spa options ideal after an exhilarating day on the slopes that can leave your muscles needing some TLC.

Not only does do they offer brilliantly decorated rooms and all the modern luxuries you could want, but it also has one of the best spas. Everything in the spa is all natural, and every treatment option is completely eco-friendly. There are separate rooms available for each treatment, and you can opt for a package of treatments, or just the one that suits you most.

Ice Hotel
If you truly want something unique, and you don’t have a problem with the cold, then you’ll want to check out an ice hotel. Hotel Kakslauttanen Igloo Village in Finland allows guests to choose between staying in a glass or snow igloo. Hotel of Ice in Romania is nestled in a mountain, and you can stay in one of the sub-zero rooms or opt for your own private igloo. The Ice Hotel in Sweden is another great option, which was built from the frozen water of the Torne River. No matter which ice hotel you choose, you will certainly enjoy your unique experience.

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