More Than Race Cars: 7 Unique Experiences to Try in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari is a brand known for luxury vehicles and speedy race cars. Ferrari World is all about the thrill and most unique and exhilarating rides and attractions in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi experiences. Yeah, there are tons of things to do in Anu Dhabi other than just visiting the Qasr al Watan (which you should totally do!).

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Enzo Ferrari founded the company in 1939 after transforming the racing division of Alfa Romeo into a company called Auto Avio Costruzioni. It was then that they built their first car ever.

After a few years, the company eventually became the Ferrari that is known today and introduced the first automobile emblazoned with the iconic horse badge: the 125 S. In May 1947, Franco Cortese drove this very same car in the Piacenza Circuit.

Since the 1950s, Ferrari’s success has become widely known around the world. In fact, proof of its growth is still apparent today, marked by the popularity of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi on Yas Island.

Now, when you hear the name Ferrari, you no longer just think about race cars. It has become a name attached to some of the most unique and exhilarating rides and attractions in Abu Dhabi, including these seven one-of-a-kind Ferrari World experiences:

  1. Formula Rossa and Formula Rossa Jr.

Like their race cars, Ferrari’s amusement park is also focused on quenching people’s need for speed. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has become quite famous in the name of speed through one of its rollercoaster rides: Formula Rossa.

Holding the Guinness World Record for the fastest rollercoaster in the world, this ride built in the park’s “F1 Zone” comes with a 2.2-kilometer track, which it passes through at a top speed of 240 kilometers per hour in mere seconds (five, to be precise). This is all thanks to the ride’s hydraulic launch system similar to those used in aircraft carriers.

Besides sheer speed, the roller coaster also has pretty tricky corners, making the entire ride an ever more thrilling experience. It’s perfectly safe, of course, since you’ll be strapped in securely, not to mention you will be wearing safety goggles.

Ferrari World also created a smaller version of this ride to suit kids between 90 and 110 centimeters tall. Formula Rossa Junior may be smaller in size, but the entire experience is based on the great Formula Rossa. It’s designed to reach its best speed of 45 kilometers per hour and is the best children’s ride that will let the little ones experience the thrill that grown-ups do.

  1. Flying Aces and Flying Wings

Placed in the Italian Zone in Ferrari World, Flying Aces is another ride categorized under “Fast Fun.”

This aptly named attraction aims to “fly” its riders to unparalleled heights, launching from a high-speed lift that reaches 63 meters above the ground. From that height, passengers seated in a military bi-plane with their feet dangling are literally turned upside-down in a 51-degree incline.

The entire ride is filled with high-speed loops, curls, and spirals, all dizzying and equally thrilling, making it worthy of being deemed the ace of all rides at Ferrari World.

You need to reach a minimum height of 130 centimeters to ride this attraction.

But, like the Formula Rossa, it comes with a mini version designed for kids 105 centimeters tall: the Flying Wings. Flying Wings lets children soar through the park perched on a glider located in the park’s Family Zone.

  1. Fiorano GT Challenge

Great heights and great speeds are the core of the majority of rides at Ferrari World, but those aren’t the only things that make the Fiorano GT Challenge quite exciting.

This ride challenges your reflexes several times as you ride on one of two F430 spider-shaped cars that move along parallel tracks. But what makes it quite thrilling isn’t the speed or the height – it’s how the two cars reach a point of near-collision, leaving everyone aboard holding their breaths.

It’s perfectly safe, of course, because the two coasters aren’t meant to crash. Even so, the thrill of the ride has been described to be akin to a high-speed car chase scene in the famous “Fast and Furious” movies. 

  1. Turbo Track and Turbo Tower

Another famous attraction you’ll find in the theme park’s Adventure Zone is Turbo Track. It comes with its own unique adrenaline-pumping feeling as this back-to-back rollercoaster ride launches riders 64 meters high, just above the red roof of the entire park.

Powered by the LSM drive system, this ride has one of the most powerful launchers in the market that can catapult riders at a staggering speed of 102 kilometers per hour.

Of course, the ascend is only half of the entire experience. You’ll find that plummeting at 12 meters per second could very well be the most epic free-falling experience of your life.

Just remember that this ride is meant for adults who are at least 130 centimeters tall.

If you’re bringing kids along, it would be best to proceed to the Turbo Tower, where both adults and children who are at least 105 centimeters tall can ride. You’ll get the same zero-gravity fall experience at 13.5 meters high and two amazing bouncing drops to boot.

  1. Karting Academy

If you want to try karting in Abu Dhabi and experience a similar thrill as race car drivers do, Ferrari World has the perfect feature just for you. Launched in 2014, Ferrari’s Karting Academy lets racing enthusiasts in Abu Dhabi set and break speed records like their favorite race car drivers.

Hone your racing skills with the 80-kilometer-per-hour-fast go-karts on a 290-meter-long track in the first-ever electronic indoor go-kart track in the region. Here, go-kart drivers not only get to feel adrenaline rush through their veins, but also try first-hand what it’s like to earn racing stripes, walking away feeling like genuine drifters fresh off the race track.

If you want to try this attraction, make sure you arrive at the theme park early to sign up, as it is a timed attraction and could get filled up quickly.

  1. Roof Walk

One of the newest experiences in Ferrari World is the Roof Walk. Take the first steps where no one has ever walked before in this literal walk through the iconic Ferrari World roof to get a close-up look at the park’s legendary Ferrari logo.

This unique 90-minute experience will take your breath away while you scale the thrilling height of the red roof and bask in the wondrous vista of the Yas Island skyline.

The best part is that you can bring your family along, as the Roof Walk allows guests between eight and 65 years old who are at least 120-200 centimeters tall and no more than 140 kilograms in weight.

Note: An adult should accompany children and teenagers below 16 years of age.

  1. Zip Line

The second of the two newest Ferrari World adventures is the Zip Line experience. As the name implies, this experience entails guests zipping through the entire park from its very center to the Flying Aces coaster loop.

This 30-minute adventure can be enjoyed by guests between 160 to 190 centimeters tall and 55 to 115 kilograms in weight. There’s no age limit for this experience, but those below 16 years old need parental permission to participate.

Share the Thrill

Ferrari World is all about the thrill. It’s not necessarily all about race cars, or speed and height. It’s more about the capability of sharing exhilarating experiences with people you care about.

Last Updated on November 15, 2022

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