Coming Up with Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Boys is Half the Fun

birthday party ideas for boys, finca zapote guatemala

Each year we celebrate birthdays in three ways:

  1. We always do something just the four of us – usually go out to dinner – this is normally gifted by my parents since they don’t live close by to give us a chance to celebrate in their name
  2. We usually go away for at least one night somewhere – doesn’t have to be far from home, but a fun trip to be together
  3. Host a party or a travel-themed party – either intimate or a large, depending on who’s birthday it is

boys fishing in guatemala, finca zapote

Coming Up with Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Boys is Half the Fun

This year, to stay on track for my son’s 7th birthday, I wanted to do something special and out of the ordinary.

But the options around Antigua, Guatemala are limited. There are a ton of kids and toddlers party places. Especially if you’ve lived there for many years and have pretty much done all there is to do.

enjoying the country side, finca zapote, guatemala

After brainstorming ideas with friends, I decided to do a weekend long celebration for my baby who is turning seven.

Finca Zapote is one of these incredibly beautiful places in the middle of nowhere. Getting to it is an adventure. But once you have arrived, you can not believe this place exists.

It’s like an oasis after crossing four rivers and 20 kilometers of dirt roads.

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys - going fishing with family

The plan was to rent one of their houses, they have two one for eight people and one for twenty people.

We wanted to keep the sleep over small, so only invited one other family to join us for the night celebration in the house for eight.

country house getaway with amenities

Which, by the way, was huge. With two maids that help with all you need.

swimming with dogs, guatemala

And what makes it even more fun, it’s totally dog friendly.

huge water slide - birthday idea for boys

The amount of activities that are available are incredible.

You can rent a huge water slide and watch the kids never tire as they go one after the other over and over again.

swimming in lakes with my kids, guatemala

A beautiful natural pond.

brothers, huge water slide, country retreat fun

Plenty of brotherly bonding moments.

paddle boarding in gautemala

Paddle boarding for all ages and sizes.

dog friendly travel in guatemala

Even dogs love to enjoy the tranquility and special-ness of the place.

beautiful view of volcano agua - unique birthday idea for boys

This is the backyard of the Lake House that we rented.

country retreat, playing outdoors, kids in nature

This is literally a dream come true. And one of the best ways we have enjoyed spending a 21 birthday travel and time together.

tarzan swing, kids and outdoors adventures

However, by far the most fun was the Tarzan swing and jumps off of it.

tarzan swing, nature and outdoors adventures

It never gets old.

kayaking with kids, guatemala

You can also go kayaking and fishing (as shown above).

paddle boarding for kids, guatemala

But the best part, was the day of the actual birthday.

With a ton of our friends loving this idea of getting away from Antigua and celebrating. This was by far one of the best birthdays our family has ever shared with friends.

unique birthday ideas for boys - lavish party

And one my son will remember forever.

turning 7 - unique birthday ideas for boys

So grateful to be living near this paradise and sharing it with others.

friends and family celebrating - turning 7 - unique birthday ideas for boys

To rent a house you need to have a minimum amount of people. For the Lake House you need at least 4 people and the price varies from $50 and up per person, depending on how long and when you are visiting.

The larger house, that can fit 20 people, you need a minimum of ten people and the price is around the same as the other house, but changes with seasons.

There is a day entry fee of around $20 per adult and $10 per child and $4 for a dog.

You can NOT simply arrive, you need to find out when it’s open. And reserve it as well if you have 15 or more people.

Last Updated on June 24, 2023

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