Unigear Hydration Pack Review: Small and Light Hydration Backpack

Small and Light Hydration Backpack - Unigear Review

When my sons discovered the Unigear Hydration Pack, we had a serious problem on our hands.

They both wanted it for themselves.

I mean, tears and ‘it does not fair’ swam and rang through the air for hours.

And with good reason.

Unigear Hydration Pack

The pack is small, light, and focuses mainly on the camel back water pack with only a couple of pockets for the essentials. I also have a review for a mountain biking hydration backpack by Playtpus, check it here.

camelback waterpack unigear hydration pack review

So in other words, it’s the perfect size for kids of all ages. And, hence, the reason for the fighting.

And another thing, I’m pretty sure most camelbacks have this feature, but my kids have gone nuts for the whistle attachment.

whistle on the camelback unigear

In the end, the war was decided that my oldest son will use it for races and my youngest for training (since he races a lot less than the older one).

Both are happy with the outcome and a chance to use it.

Fun Facts About the Unigear Hydration Pack

  1. Holds almost 3 liters of water in the bladder
  2. Has several pockets for food and small first aid kits
  3. Adjustable straps make it easy to fit all ages and sizes

Video Unigear Hydration Pack Review

Unigear Company Information

Unigear is a relatively new company that is making some major headway. Started in 2014 it offers affordable and durable backpacking and camping pieces of equipment. They sell anything from lanterns, dry bags, and camping pillows to hydration backpacks.

Contact Information

Facebook: unigearstyle
Twitter: @UnigearStyle
Instagram: @unigearstyle

Last Updated on July 25, 2023

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