Unforgettable Visit to Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is a segment of the Colorado River where nature did an awesome job by creating a Horseshoe shaped curve in the river stream. I know you would have seen dozens of photos about Horseshoe Bend but believe me there is a lot more from what you saw the photos. So we will explore a whole view of Horseshoe Bend in this article, so stick till the end.

  • Tips while visiting Horseshoe Bend:
  1. No Heels or Flip-flops: The sandy texture makes it impossible for you to walk with your heels and the hot climate may burn your skin.
  2. Have a water-bottle with you: Here in the USA the hot climate squeezes out your body’s moisture. So, to keep yourself hydrated bring your own water-bottle. Though there are some public drinking water stands but still why to take risks.
  3. Be careful while taking selfies: As discussed earlier there is only one stand for visitors which is almost full always and remaining places are not so safe, so don’t get carried away while taking selfies and photos.
  4. Pack your Binoculars with you: Don’t commit the same mistake which I did while going on trip. Because without the binoculars you can’t have a closer look at the water stream and rocky texture.
  • Things to do in Horseshoe Bend:
  1. Gliding over Horseshoe Bend: If you want another perspective to view this amazing nature, then for sure you can book your own Horseshoe Bend helicopter. This glide took about 30 minutes but to enjoy this ride you should do pre-booking.
  2. Boating: Another way to enjoy the trip is hiring a boat. This follows the path from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry via Vermillion Cliff’s and Horseshoe Bend. This way you can enjoy a lot more places.
  3. Antelope Canyon: And yes, at last we can’t miss our final favorite spot Antelope Canyon. There are two different Antelopes namely Upper Antelope and Lower Antelope. I will request you to visit both of them.
  4. Visit to Horseshoe Bend
  • Accommodation:
  1. Horseshoe Bend is near to a small town Page in northern Arizona. Hyatt Place Page lake Powell is the best option to accommodate if you are going to visit Horseshoe Bend because of its location which is near to Page Airport and also near to Antelope Canyon.
  2. Another options are hotels like Best Western View of Lake Powell, Lake Powell Canyon Inn and many others.
  • Best Time to visit:

After visiting Horseshoe Bend for a lot of time I would like to share with you the best time to visit this place. For taking perfect pictures on your camera I will recommend you to visit at sunset period. Because when the sun hides behind the Horseshoe, it gives you stunning photos. If you miss the sunset time then you should definitely go for the dawn period, because you can enjoy the beautiful reddish lights reflecting from the stones.

  • Location: 

With this map pointing to the location of Horseshoe Bend I would like to finish my small and sweet post. Hope you find this article helpful in your amazing trip to Horseshoe Bend. 

Last Updated on June 5, 2023

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