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Uncommon Things to Do in Phuket Province – Thailand Travel

Thailand is now a popular destination for people all around the world who are trying to reconnect with nature on another level. Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand and it is the most visited location in Thailand. Phuket Province is connected to Phang Nga, which is another Province worth visiting. If you are limited by time, it would be recommended to visit them one at a time. Five of the best things that you can do while traveling in Phuket, Thailand.Take a look at this list of things to do in Phuket. 

Phuket should be visited between November and February, when the temperature doesn’t exceed 33°C and you don’t have to deal with muddy soil and constant rain. Phuket is the host of many beaches, waterfalls and tropical wood. Districts such as Kathu, Patong and Thalang should be on your visiting list. You can either choose the activities yourself or trust a guide to come up with a wonderful trip. But if you want to enjoy Phuket at its best, try these uncommon activities first:  

 Thailand Travel

Hidden beaches 

If staying away from the tourist buzz of Phuket is your goal, you should consider visiting hidden beaches, even though they might be more difficult to reach. There are a few small beaches that are less popular, so not everyone knows about them. Here’s a short list:  

  • Ao Sane 

You’ll immediately notice the Royal Phuket Yacht Club once you get to the Province. You simply have to follow the road next to the Yacht Club and you are going to reach a natural heaven. The Ao Sane beach is a combination of granite, rough sand and clean water. This is a place for snorkeling lovers. The beach is not completely raw, as you can enjoy a relaxing beach restaurant, with modern facilities.  

  • Nui  

Nui, also known by tourists as Water Beach Club, is a very short strip of sand which is a bit far away from your main destination. If you plan to visit the Kata viewpoint, walk 3 kilometers more and you can enjoy the beautiful Nui beach. Remember that the beach is 120-meters-long only, so if you visit it during crowded times you might not get a chance to enjoy its beauty to its fullest.  

  • Yae 

In case you booked your accommodation next to Patong, take the chance and visit the Yae beach. This is the closest you will get to nature, even though there are some sun loungers ready for you and a small beach bar to fulfill your needs. The beach is full of rocks, so it’s not suitable for water sports, but the sunset viewing here is impossible to forget. Keep in mind that Yae beach is difficult to reach due to the track that leads to it, but the experience is surely worth the trouble.  

  • Panwa  

Since Thailand attracts more and more tourists each year, urbanization happened in many parts of it. Yet this beach in Phuket is untouched. It is the closest beach to the Phuket Town. Panwa is a scenic beach that’s perfect for spending a romantic afternoon. You can visit the many fishermen huts on the beach and you can enjoy a drink at the nearest bar.  

Phuket Province

Yoga and meditation 

For tourists who are willing to try new things rather than doing what everyone does, there are yoga classes that take place on the islands. You can learn how to meditate in the most relaxing and tranquil place you visited. Taking a yoga class is not expensive and will help you disconnect from any trouble you might have left at home or any thought that causes you anxiety. Be open-minded and engage in such activities for a rapid change of perception.  

It is said that yoga has physical benefits as well, besides the mental ones. In case you are struggling with poor blood circulation, bone diseases, back pain, headaches or other conditions, yoga might help you reduce the negative impact they have on your life. Yoga involves moderate physical movement that should keep you strong and flexible, just as regular exercising does. You can choose between various types of yoga and meditation: Hatha, Ashtanga, Kripalu and many more. It’s common to take yoga classes in Phuket 

Things to Do in Phuket Province

Cooking classes 

In love with exotic food? Why not learning how to make it yourself? Many people might say that going on a holiday is all about relaxation and not engaging in any activity that requires your attention and concentration, but this is not true. Cooking classes could represent a wonderful holiday experience that will also have an impact on your life. Learning how to cook traditional dishes means you’ll have the opportunity to do this for your friends and family. Thailand has a wide range of traditional dishes and you might notice the variety of foods by simply walking down the street in Phuket. Street food is versatile in Phuket and this is the main reason why the people there are organizing cooking classes for tourists who are willing to learn. Take your new knowledge home and impress everyone with your skills.   

Things to Do in Phuket Province

Rafting and ATV tours  

If you are an adventurous person, go ahead and rent an ATV or try a rafting tour. It might seem dangerous at first, but choosing the right instructors and companies will transform this experience into one of the best you’ve ever tried. Phuket is a gorgeous location for sightseeing, and emphasizing the experience by choosing a rafting or ATV tour will only make it better. There are plenty of centers to rent a tour, so you’ll only need to organize your time properly to include this in your holiday schedule.  

Things to Do in Phuket Province - Thailand Travel

Treasure maps  

Having some fun while you are on holiday is paramount. You can buy a metal detector and see what treasure you can find on the secret beaches of Phuket. Tourists are always amazed at the things they find next to the clear waters of Phuket, so go ahead and start your treasure map journey. Choose a location you want to explore and take your role seriously. You might find a real treasure when you least expect it.

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