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The Ultimate Guide for Traveling to the Greek Islands

Are you planning a trip to Greece this summer? Well, this is an expansive country that’s spread over many islands. Once you get here, you may spend months exploring this historic and fascinating area.Six things you should know about or do when traveling to the Greek Islands.Here, you wind find a list of Traveling to the Greek Islands.

As you’ll note, some islands are famous for their beaches and natural life. Others have a strong cultural tradition or a significant nightlife. While many of these islands are inhabited, you’ll also come across outcroppings and small reefs in the sea.

For the inhabited islands, you’ll need to interact with the locals. While the people are friendly, language might be a problem, especially if you speak English. So, will this force you to abort the trip? Of course not, look for a platform, or software that helps you translate English to Greek.

Traveling to the Greek Islands

Tips for Traveling to the Greek Islands

1. Budget for Your Trip

Before you set out for Greece, you’ll need to decide on your budget. All of this will depend on your flexibility. For instance, where do you want to visit, stay, plus what and where will you be eating?

For example, hostel beds are available for ten euros a night. A budget hotel room will charge upwards of 25euros. Remember, the price will increase during the peak seasons.

If you want to save on cost, skip fancy cocktails and turn to street vendors for food. With this, you’ll need ten or twenty euros per day for food and drinks. Don’t forget to budget for activities like traveling and exploring the beaches and important historical sites.

2. Consider Your Travel Time

When Traveling to the Greek Islands you must know that there are many inhabited and uninhabited islands. The biggest mistake you can make is assuming that it’ll take you a short time to get from one island to the other. The truth is, these islands are spread over a vast geographical area.

At times, traveling from one island to the other by ferry may take you ten or more hours.

3. Packing for Greece

Most people tend to carry heavy luggage for their vacation. Don’t make this mistake, especially when traveling to Greece for summer.

Your knees and the entire body will thank you for this. For sure, you don’t want to drag heavy bags and suitcases across the streets or several flights of staircases on the island.

So, the next time you’re planning a visit to Santorini or other hilly islands, bring a backpack instead of a backpack.

4. Avoid Traveling During the Peak Season

Unless you have to avoid traveling to Greece during the high summer. July and Augusts are the peak months.  During this time, the weather is sweltering. The charges are high, and most islands are overcrowded as Greeks are also on holiday.

Well, May and June are ideal warm months with a lot of flora and late nights. September and October provide golden travel days as the sea still has the summer heat.

5. Carry Light Clothes

Are you planning to travel to Greece in the summer? Then, you need to carry light clothes with you. Also, avoid taking many dresses as you’ll not need them.

For ladies, you need to select the right pair of shoes. Walking around Greece in high heels will be quite uncomfortable. If possible, bring a pair of flip-flops and non-slip shoes for the beach.

Make sure you carry light fabric clothes. They’re easy to wash and also dry quickly. Plus, avoid dark clothes, you don’t want to be in a black dress in the midday sun.

6. Dine like a Local

Dining is a casual affair among Greeks. Look for any restaurant that serves local cuisine, and its food will be better. Don’t forget that native Greeks eat much late, after 10 pm.

If you want some wine, you’ll have an option between bottled and local barreled wine. The latter is cheaper and tastier than the former. Also, don’t struggle for bottled water as tap water is perfectly potable.


Greece offers an ideal vacation during summer. However, the quality of your travel is dependent on how well you plan your trip. For instance, you need to ensure you have enough money to cater for your needs. Also, avoid carrying heavy luggage on your journey. Your back and knees will thank you.

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