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UK Travel – Unique Places to See in Cardiff Wales

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales is a latecomer to capital city status (1955). It was not until 1905 that King Edward VII declared this collection of farms, towns, pastures, and factories to be an actual city! Even though Cardiff got a late start, it has more than made up for it with explosive growth and innovation, and has made the transition from heavy industry and mining to an information based service economy.Six experiences that you can only have while visiting Cardiff, Wales.Take a look at this article to learn UK Travel.

This dynamism in technology and culture is helping to lead Wales into a leading position in Europe at the dawn of the 21st Century and makes it a must see for any tourist interested in a city that combines ancient charm and tradition with a forward looking modern culture and economy.

UK Travel Cardiff, Wales
Photo by: Roger Davies

UK Travel – Places You Must Not Miss in Cardiff:

Cardiff Castle. Cardiff is known as a “City of Castles” and this is the most popular castle in all of Wales. Formerly a Roman fort, Cardiff Castle is located in the middle of the City Center and hosts events like medieval fairs jousting tournaments. Make sure to check in advance to see what events are scheduled.

St Fagan’s National History Museum is an open air museum that depicts the actual workings of an Iron Age Celtic village. It is located approximately four miles west of Cardiff, and is a national treasure. The visitor can experience cottages, gardens, workshops and mills and many special events are scheduled: May Fair, Midsummer Festivals, Harvest Festivals and Christmas festivities!

Millennium Center is one of the great centers for the performing arts in all the world — Opera, ballet, concerts and cultural events – certainly a must-see for lovers of the arts.

Alexandra Gardens, located between Edward VII St and Museum St, this incredible green space is an oasis in a vibrant metropolis. A great place to people watch or just reflect on your day, Alexandra Gardens is also home to the Welsh National War Memorial. This testament to the bravery sacrifice of the Welsh soldier on behalf of home and empire serves as the center of this lush garden sanctuary.

Caerphilly Castle is located seven miles north of Cardiff and built in 1628 to consolidate the English grip on Wales, Caerphilly is the largest castle in Wales and is incredible dramatic and awe inspiring! Tourists also have an option to take a boat trip across the water to really get a unique experience.

Llandaf Cathedral – One of the great churches of Europe, Llandaf was built in the 12th century upon the site of another church and serves as the seat of the Anglican Bishop in Wales. A beautiful and spiritual place, Llandaf is a wonderful stop on a traditional itinerary and serves as a monument to European history and culture.

Cefn Mably Arms Pub – located in Michaelston y Fedw, this traditional restaurant/pub offers some of the best traditional Welsh cuisine anywhere in the country! Wonderful rustic atmosphere, great staff and ample portions of meat (Pork, lamb, seafood and traditional meat pies) make this THE PLACE to sample the tastes of Cardiff. DO NOT MISS THE LOCAL BEERS!

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