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UK Staycation Ideas

It appears to be the general consensus that everyone globally is desperate for a getaway as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. This being said, not everyone is ready to hop on a plane and travel across the globe with the current uncertainty and changing traffic light system. If you identify with this, you may want to consider a staycation in the UK to slightly alleviate your need for an international getaway. A staycation does not have to be predictable or boring; there are many ways that you can get away this year.

UK Staycation

Caravan Holidays

One available option for a staycation is a caravan holiday in the UK this 2021. There are plenty of caravan parks, offering luxury holidays, up and down the UK. Most parks will have all the amenities and leisure facilities that you need to enjoy your break, taking the stress and planning out of your hands. Caravan holidays allow visitors to form communities in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, making it the perfect getaway for families, the elderly, and couples alike. 

UK Staycation

City Breaks

The UK is blessed with many beautiful cities, such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Newcastle, and Liverpool to name a few. All of the UK’s major cities offer a variety of hotels to cater to any budget, as well as bars and restaurants. Furthermore, the UK is gifted with a wide array of landmarks, museums, and galleries to explore. Although the sun may not always be on our side, the UK has some must-see locations, and what better time to visit than now!


Glamping allows you to experience the luxury of a hotel stay along with the adventurous nature of camping. The typical glamping site will consist of yurt villages, with leisure facilities available such as hot tubs. These getaways are perfect for big families or friendship groups, with plenty of glamping resorts across the country.

Narrowboat Holidays

Like glamping and holiday parks, there are plenty of narrowboat holiday services across the country. This allows you to stay on a boat and even explore the waterways – perfect for all holiday goers. This is a unique experience that you may not otherwise consider if travel abroad was so readily available. Try something new for your next getaway!

Lodge/Cottage Holidays

Holidaying in a lodge or cottage creates a tranquil and recluse space for you and your party. Whether you staycation with your family, friends, or partner there is a lodge holiday suited to you. Many offer hot tubs, contributing to the relaxing atmosphere of your private space. If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a lodge getaway is perfect for you. 

Forest Holidays

Forest holidays allow you to stay in cabins or luxury treehouses as you reconnect with wildlife and nature. This is another great family holiday idea, allowing kids to adventure and explore into the woodlands, whilst having a cozy and comfortable space to return to. You get the best of both worlds with a forest holiday.


It cannot be denied that we are all desperate to leave the comfort of our hometown and explore new locations. Though the exotic and tropical locations are currently off the cards, plenty of these staycations will provide you with a fresh environment and treasured memories. Additionally, with many staycations, you can take your furry friend with you, meaning that our pets can be a part of the memories that we make. You might open your eyes to spaces closer to home, that you otherwise would have never seen. Staycations influence us to recognize the beauty of places that are not too far from our front doors. 

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