The Top 5 UAE Interesting Facts About The Country

What comes to your mind first when you mention the UAE? Surely oil, sheikhs and fantastic skyscrapers. Is it right? But we want to expand your knowledge and suggest you learn something else about the country, which only a few decades ago was just a desert.

UAE Interesting Facts

The United Arab Emirates is an oasis in the middle of the desert, associated with the words “luxury” and “wealth”. Here, the highest hotels in the world have been erected over the sands, and artificial islands have been created in the ocean.

This is a rich and quite prosperous state. However, it is attractive primarily because it is one of the most developed in the Arab world, and can be fully characterized by oriental coloring.

UAE Interesting Facts

This amazing country is the dream of any tourist. Well, for those who are just going to visit the UAE for the first time, we offer interesting facts about the Emirates, which will allow you to learn a lot of unusual and informative things. Let’s go!

5 UAE Interesting Facts

Fact 1

UAE Interesting Facts

Attention, prohibitions! The UAE has strict Muslim laws that apply to several areas familiar to the unwary tourist. For instance, it is forbidden to drink alcohol here, and even more to transport it in public places. Tourists are allowed to drink some cocktails only in a hotel and even then not in all of 7 emirates. It is advisable not to leave the hotel territory so as not to become the object of police attention. Also, some landmarks, government buildings, military objects and women cannot be photographed. An exception is an accidental footage, but it’s better not to risk anyway. It is also recommended not to violate the traffic rules here. Since a tourist will have to say goodbye to a sum equal to $800 for driving through a red light. Well, for the fact that you accidentally miss the trash can, you will have to pay $136.

Fact 2

UAE Interesting Facts

The lowest crime rate in the world! In the Emirates, a tourist can move absolutely calmly, without fear of pick pocketing, since there are simply no thieves here. And all because this country has very stringent laws that cool even the most violent impulses of criminal. Moreover, it is not customary to lock cars. Carjacking is impossible due to the huge number of external surveillance cameras and lightning-fast police. It is also interesting that in the Emirates practically no drug addiction. A person who uses drugs faces a 10-year prison term. But if the drug addict decides to get rid of this bad habit, the state will pay in full for the course of treatment.

Fact 3

News periodically appears in the media that the fleet of the Dubai Police has replenished with another supercar. Reading catchy headlines, it may seem that the local law enforcement officers literally drive around the streets of this Arab city in luxury vehicles. However, this picture is far from reality.

UAE Interesting Facts

Readers will surely be upset by the fact that the Dubai authorities are not supplying police officers with super-fast supercars to chase violators. In most cases, street patrols are carried out by quite ordinary cars, while luxury ones can be seen on the streets of the emirate, but only in the most expensive districts of the city. Many of them are used to attract tourists’ attention, as well as to maintain the city’s luxurious image.

Also for lovers of expensive autos, local companies offer services for renting such cars, e.g. You can fully experience all the wealth and comfort if you are a little short on buying such an automobile. 🙂

Fact 4

Comfort comes first! The UAE’s climate cannot be called comfortable: unbearable heat and high humidity cause a lot of problems and discomfort. But the authorities of the emirates still care about their citizens. Therefore, air conditioners can be found everywhere: in shops, on the streets and even at bus stops!

UAE Interesting Facts

Do not forget to put a couple of warm clothes in your suitcase before traveling. After all, it is very easy to catch a cold from the outdoor and indoor temperature difference.

Fact 5

In the Emirates, everything is created for the influx of tourists. And hotels regularly try to surprise their guests with new achievements and records. For example, a 13-meter-high Christmas tree was installed at the Emirates Palace Hotel on one of New Year’s holidays. But it was not the height that impressed tourists, but its decoration. The fact is that jewellery worth 11 million dollars was hung on the branches of the New Year’s symbol instead of the usual toys!

The next record was the cake prepared by the chefs of the most luxurious hotels. Confectioners baked a pie for the UAE’s Independence Day, the length of which was 2500 meters!

Well, completing the theme of records set in hotels, we would like to note that the tallest building in the world was erected here, in the UAE. The height of which is 828 meters. This is a truly grandiose man-made structure.

And these are just some of the interesting facts about the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is exactly the country where the most modern sports cars drive around. Here you will find the most luxurious hotels and the highest level of infrastructure. In this state, a lot of amazing discoveries await every traveler.

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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