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Types of Discrimination and Harassment in The Workplace

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) logged over 73 discrimination cases in 2019. This is quite an abundant number which also quantifies all types of discrimination encountered. Most common types of Discrimination and Harassment in The Workplace so you can avoid being a victim of them.Learn Harassment in The Workplace.

To be discriminated against, there is an unjust or damaging behavior towards you for one of many iniquitous reasons. Here is a list of some of these types of discrimination. 

Types of Discrimination and Harassment in The Workplace

The Most Common Types of Discrimination and Harassment in The Workplace 

Of the types of discrimination, the most common in the workplace is retaliation discrimination. This is where an employee is somehow punished through a fellow employee or managerial action due to the fact that they complained or reported something that was not right, to begin with. Essentially this type of unfairness is revenge.  

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The Most Obvious Types of Discrimination and Harassment in The Workplace

When you think about discrimination, you think of the times when we practiced segregation in this country due to the color of another human’s skin. That would probably be the most prevalent memory and example in our history. This condition still exists in certain regions of our country today.  But there are many other types of bigotry involving our personal characteristics, as it were. 

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Personal characteristics are what make us all different. They can be tangible or intangible.  For example, a tangible may still be your race that is being discriminated upon, but you are of some other race.

You could be Indian (American or from India) or Samoan or a classification that just doesn’t look like a White person. Or even the opposite and the hiring manager or owner of the company is hiring but does not want to hire a ‘white’ person. So many scenarios, too little time.

An intangible example would be your sexual preference. You could be a man getting picked up at work for lunch by your boyfriend and you kiss him and the manager sees this and fires you because he is homophobic.

Other most obvious types of discrimination would be of your age, sex or gender, sexual orientation, religion,  discrimination due to a physical disability, pregnancy/maternity, and being a parent. Just to name a few.

Discrimination cases are sometimes very convoluted and are therefore hard to prove.  If you know of someone or you yourself are subject to any type of these listed above, discrimination lawyers at Schall & Barasch can be of assistance. Due to the amount of this practice of discrimination in this country, you are not alone and can get help if your feel you have been treated unfairly or harassed.

Equality Act of 2010

In Great Britain in 2010, the British Parliament drew up the Equality Act which explains four general types of discrimination due to what they call a protected characteristic, such as race, color, gender, age, etc.

Direct Discrimination

This type is where one person is singled out or held back over the rest of the employees for a specific reason. You could be a male trying to get a job (which is also a promotion) that is usually filled by a woman because the manager feels that he would not be as capable to carry out the duties described as well as a woman and refuses his promotion even though he is most qualified.

Indirect Discrimination

If a company establishes a new policy or rule which adversely affects some employees over others, that would be an indirect type of discrimination. For example, XYZ company imposes a new directive that states their workday starts earlier and as of March 1st requests everyone to come in at 8 AM instead of 9 AM, but that is not possible for the employees who are parents and have to get their kids ready for school in the mornings.


This is the violation against another human being where they are humiliated, degraded, or subject to a hostile and offensive environment due to a protected characteristic. There could be a person who is subject to using a wheelchair consistently and they are made fun of by their peers and fellow employees.

Harassment in The Workplace


This is essentially the retaliation type described under the most common discrimination. A person is punished, ridiculed, or even dismissed due to their reporting or complaining about a certain aspect of their job or job environment.  You could be a person who reports being sexually harassed and then is terminated from employment.

Discrimination, whether purposely or not purposely, can be an issue in any country on this planet. This problem may be more widespread in first-world countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom due to culture and socio-economic markers, but still shall not be tolerated.

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