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Learn About the Types of Climbing Holds

Guest Post by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son)

teen doing climbing at a indoor gym

If you have your chalk, your chalk bag and your equipment then, put on your climbing shoes and get ready to know the different types of holds

Do you know the different climbing holds? 

There are different types of holds in climbing so it’s always good to know them because you might be the one giving or receiving the BETA.


Jugs are considered the easiest type of hold because you are able to fit all of your fingers in there.

They are so easy to grip, they provide a good rest.


Slopers are one of the trickiest holds.

Beginners usually fall off slopes because they are far more difficult to hold than jugs. They look like big balls mostly and to hold on to this hold you need to find the right angle to position your body.


Crimps are small little edges that can only fit the tips of your fingers or only the tip of the climbing shoe.  By getting your body weight closer to the wall, it will be easier to pull yourself up the wall.


Any hold that you need to put your thumb on one side and your other fingers on the other by doing a pinching motion is called a pinch.

The difference between pinches and any other hold is that a pinch will force you to engage the thumb.


Pockets are holds that have a hole in them that can only fit a certain amount of fingers, some fit threesome fit two. If it only fits one finger, it is called a mono hold.

Next time someone says “ Now grab the jug” you will understand what they mean and if someone asks you for some beta you could be able to help them.

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Climbign Technique - Learn About the Types of Climbing Holds

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