TooJays Gourmet Deli: This Gourmet Deli in Florida Will Surprise You!

Confession time – I am probably the only New Yorker who has never eaten at a gourmet deli. Crazy, I know! So when my family and I traveled to Florida I decided it was time to introduce my kids to a real delicatessen. The main reason why delis even came up on my radar was that my oldest son found a new love – sandwiches (one of my favorite things to eat as well). After some searching, TooJays Gourmet Deli or “Two Jays Deli” kept coming up as the top choice for the best sandwiches, salads, and soups and sounded way too good. And here’s my review of the two jays restaurants.

pick up area and check out at toojay's gourmet deli

TooJays Gourmet Deli Review

Why TooJays Deli is a Super Fun Place To Eat in Florida

When I stumbled upon TooJays my biggest concern was that there wouldn’t be one near where we were staying. No need to worry, TooJays has so many locations scattered all throughout the state that chances are there was one near us.

We arrived absolutely starving and ready to try it all. Even though I never personally ate at a deli, I knew all about them. And talked it up to my husband so much that we had to have a taste of all things deli.

toojays gourmet deli

But the other great thing about delis – is they are super affordable, and you can enjoy multiple dishes for the price of one main dish at any other restaurant.

So we went a bit crazy.

You can’t visit a deli and not have the matzo ball soup.

toojays matzo ball soup
toojays matzo ball soup

And I also got the soup du jour – which was Tomato Dill – yum. I love dill!

tomato dill soup toojay's gourmet deli

Every table gets a plate of their homemade rye bread.

homemade rye bread from toojay's gourmet deli

Next, my Jew tastes buds now awakened by the Matzo balls, had to have some potato latkas (pancakes). I haven’t had these in decades. This is a very typical dish in Russian households as well. And not living with my parents, I forgot how delicious they were.

potato pancakes (latkas) toojay's gourmet deli

And now the fun begins. I always love to taste the specialties of the places I visit. After the soups, we ordered a salad – The Cranberry and Almond Chicken Spinach Salad was a light start and so flavorful. The reason we ordered this one is that my hubby never tried cranberries and this was a perfect intro for him.

cranberry and almond chicken salad toojays gourmet deli

Toojay’s Gourmet Deli Sandwiches 

this is the main reason we came here in the first place

For my baby we didn’t want to be too creative and ordered the Sirloin Sliders. Four come on a plate and we ordered two with cheese and two without.

toojay's gourmet deli sirloin sliders

The Rachel is extremely similar to the Reuben and so delicious. The main difference is that Rachel has slow-cured pastrami rather than corn beef.

toojay's gourmet deli rachel (reuben)

The signature sandwich of TooJays however is called Triple J Sandwich. You’re wondering what it is, right? Here it goes: Corned beef, roast beef, turkey, and Swiss cheese rolled with lots of Cole slaw and Russian dressing. At first, I was a bit wary of it, but one bite is all you need. It was so differently delicious.

toojays gourmet deli triple jay sandwich

Another confession – Brisket. I didn’t even know what this was. So of course, I had to have a taste.  Besides, their briskets aren’t like the typical ones (as I was told) they had the added deliciousness of a latka. Now, I’m sure I’ll never like plain briskets.

brisket toojays gourmet deli

And to be totally gluttonous, their dessert menu was too good to pass up. Besides, I promised the boys sweet stuff for putting up with their mama and papa eating so much food.  For the boys, we got brownies.

brownie toojays gourmet deli

My husband had an éclair

toojay's gourmet deli eclairs

And I couldn’t help myself and had a Napoleon cake – this is a very Russian treat

Napoleon cake toojays gourmet deli

Funny enough, we barely touched the iceberg of food that they offer. They have menus for all meals and occasions.

The best part of it all. Even though we spent a couple of hours enjoying our food, the kids never got bored. They were into tasting all the goodies we got. Plus, the kid’s menus entertained them for a while. And sitting in a corner booth allowed them to burn off some energy without bothering the neighboring diners.

Video Fun

TooJay’s History and Fun Facts

As with most places we visit, I love to learn about the history and backstory. And TooJay’s is no stranger to that.

  • Jay Brown and Mark Jay Katzenberg founded the first restaurant in 1981 on the island of Palm Beach.

  • TooJay’s began as a modest New York Style delicatessen.

  • One year later, they opened a second location in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

  • Then a third in Lake Worth.

  • Over the years, TooJay’s has grown to become a Florida institution boasting 24 locations throughout the state with over 1100 employees.

  • It specializes in New York-style delicatessen favorites.

  • TooJay’s has garnered more than 50 readers’ choice awards.

Places to Eat in Florida – TooJays Gourmet Deli Review

Last Updated on September 13, 2023

5 thoughts on “TooJays Gourmet Deli: This Gourmet Deli in Florida Will Surprise You!

  1. Wow I got really hungry with all the foood and the desserts and the sandwiches.. oh god napoleon caaaake. @.@

  2. Oh my! All of the food looks delicious. I bet it was all amazing, especially the tomato dill soup. Mmmm! I hope you really enjoyed the experience. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I live in Florida and I am regular at Toojays. I have been to their places all over the state. The food is consistently excellent. If you want real Jewish deli food in the Sunshine State. This is the place to go.

  4. All looks so delicious! Tomato soup is definitely a favorite of mine and that Triple J sandwich is making my stomach grumble.

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