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How to Turn your House Into your Dream Home

Unless you have access to unlimited wealth, it’s unlikely that the first house you buy will be the ultimate home you always dreamed of. However, while you’re waiting to move further up the property ladder, there are a number of ways to ensure the place you live now is as close to your ideal as it can possibly be.You can turn your house into a dream home, learn how here with those incredible tips, from goals and budget to a solid plan

Dream Home

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Establish your goals

If your plan is to find a property in a state of disrepair and fix it up, be aware that such properties, especially those in good locations, often sell at a premium because all the foundations and connections to utilities are already in place. It may actually be cheaper to find a patch of land and start over.

With vast numbers of detailed how-to videos and free courses available online, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish given enough time. Cara Brookins, who needed a new place for her and her children to live, built her own dream home from scratch in less than nine months, gaining most of the knowledge she required from watching YouTube videos.

Work out the budget

Remodeling your home is an expensive prospect, and you can usually only expect the value of your home to increase by half the cost of the project. This means that taking out a larger mortgage or borrowing against the value of your home doesn’t make much financial sense. One possible approach is to find solid investments for your savings and use these to fund the changes, though you’ll need to be extremely patient and reinvest all your profits for several years before you have the amount you need.

One of the keys to successfully managing any project is to break it down into smaller projects which take less time to complete (and is easier to budget). Taking this idea as a starting point, one approach is to remodel your home one room at a time. The advantage of this is that it means far less disruption in your day-to-day living while the work is going on. It’s also a good idea to look around your local area to find the best prices. For example, worktop suppliers near you can give you a better deal than online companies.

Turning your house into a home can sometimes mean getting rid of items that are not very family-friendly. Hiring a skip from Mackers Skip Hire is a great idea if you have a lot of unwanted waste.

Find inspiration

Seek out ideas for individual rooms means you can find ways to meld them together through a theme. If you’re interested in a modern and contemporary vibe, then go through each room and discuss and plan how to create such a look. Start with the rooms that are considered the hub of the house – the kitchen and bathrooms – and create your vision. Do you want sleek, white counters and marble countertops? Do you want a fresh bathroom painted in pastel tones? If you need help, then you could turn to a kitchen or bathroom remodeling photo gallery online.

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Dream Home

Taking inspiration from others and adding your own twist is a great way to ensure any ideas you have a grounded in reality, rather than just being flights of fancy. With only a few exceptions, if you see that someone else has made a particular layout or decorating style work, it’s highly likely you’ll be able to use it too.

Stick to the plan

Once you’ve made decisions about every aspect of your home, right down to the types of finishes you want, try not to change your mind. There are always going to be new ideas you encounter once construction gets underway, but trying to implement them at a late stage will cost more and may have a negative impact on other aspects of the work.

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You should also, as far as possible, try not to get disheartened by anything negative you overhear while the work is going on. All construction projects encounter occasional challenges and all workers complain about their bosses at some point, so stay focused on the end prize, certain in the knowledge that if a genuine issue emerges, you will be told about it.

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