Come On the Turkey Hill Experience Review – A Ride of a Lifetime

When doing research for upcoming trips, I always start my process by posting in my favorite family travel groups I belong to on Facebook. It’s a great way to start the searches, cause the majority of the moms in these groups to have kids the same age as mine. Plus, their travel styles are similar to mine. Usually, though, I get many different ideas. And rarely do they repeat, since everyone has something new to offer. That was until I started to ask about what to do in Lancaster County, PA. I kid you not, out of the 25 responses I got on my thread, 20 of them yelled (with capital letters and many exclamation points) TURKEY HILL EXPERIENCE!

Family Trip to Turkey Hill Experience
Entrance to Turkey Hill Experience

So what’s a mom to do? Our fate was sealed from this one thread. And am I so grateful for it.

It’s a rare opportunity that we get to travel with my parents (the grandparents) and my brother (the uncle) and his girlfriend, so it is always fun to head to a place that would be for all ages. Somehow Turkey Hill had thought of this before we arrived. I’m sure it wasn’t only to please the Kuperman Villatoro family, and they had structured the exhibit and activities way before we even considered traveling here. But, regardless, I will take this as a personal win for choosing this place for a family reunion trip.

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Turkey Hill Experience Lancaster, PA Review

Why is Turkey Hill Experience a Must-Do Even if You Are a Good 100 Miles From It

There are two main things to do in the main exhibit building. They do offer packages with other museums and attractions, but in the main building, you can choose two.

1. The main exhibit – the Museum Area

Turkey Hill Ice Cream Experience exhibit

There is a huge interactive area teaching you all about smells, ice cream and the history of the place

Hands On Experience Turkey Hill Ice Cream Experience

Milk a Mechanical cow – Just like milking a real one, only without the smell.

Milking a cow turkey hill ice cream tour lancaster pa

Pretend to make ice cream – not sure why, but this was my son’s favorite activity here. He did it for over 30 minutes.

Mixing Frenzy turkey hill ice cream tour lancaster pa

Have a blast with the exhibits

Fun at turkey hill tour lancaster

Hide and sneak fun

Kid Fun turkey hill experience pa

NON-STOP ice cream tastings – this can be dangerous!

Ice Cream Tasting Center turkey hill experience pa

Ice Tea – bet you didn’t know that Turkey Hill has a huge, delicious line of Ice Teas – with NON-STOP tasting as well

Ice Tea Center turkey hill iced tea review

And you can learn all about Teas of the world, their smells, where they come from and so much more

Tea Education Center turkey hill iced tea review

Serious Family Bonding – this is huge for us. We get to see my parents and brother only two or three times a year. So, for my boys to be making memories with their grandparents and uncle is really important for all of us.

Family Fun turkey hill experience pa

Create your own commercial. How cool is this?

Creating Your Own Commercial at Turkey Hill Ice Cream Experience

You literally make your own commercial, have fun filming it.

Commercial Making turkey hill ice cream tour lancaster pa

And the best part, the boys got to hang out with their BELOVED uncle, who they miss and love so much!

Uncle Time turkey hill tour lancaster pa

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2. Turkey Hill Taste Lab

This is an absolute must. This makes the whole Turkey Hill Experience that much richer, the taste lab.

VERY IMPORTANT – make reservations ahead of time. They only have room for a certain amount of people, and it gets sold out super quickly. However, there are many per day, so you can easily find a good time that works well for you and your family.

how to make ice cream at turkey hill experience lancaster

What is the turkey hill experience taste lab?

Easy – it’s kind of like a How to Make Ice Cream Class 101. Fully hands-on and the best part – is you get one pint of ice cream that you personally made with your favorite flavorings and ingredients. Because that’s what you need. More ice cream. The unlimited ice cream tastings aren’t enough.

Do you know the main steps of making ice cream are:

Flavorings – that’s the different flavors you taste in the ice creams

Step 1 Flavoring Turkey Hill Ice Cream Experience

Inclusions – these are the awesome ingredients that we actually bite into

Flavorings for Ice Cream Turkey Hill Taste Lab

Freeze it up – that’s when they take it from you and make it the actual ‘ice’ cream part.

You come out with one pint of ice cream.

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Fun Facts about Turkey Hill Experience Lancaster PA

  • Armor Frey, the man who started Turkey Hill, began each day by watching the sunrise from the top of Turkey Hill while selling milk to get some extra money, it was the Great Depression, and every penny helped.

  • In 1947, Glenn, Emerson, and Charles Frey bought their father’s business.

  • In 1980, the Frey brothers took the biggest step in the life of the dairy by expanding its ice cream production.

  • Turkey Hill Ice Cream quickly became a favorite in local Lancaster County stores.

  • In 1981, they persuaded a few independent stores in the Philadelphia area to give “Turkey Who?” a try. Philadelphians loved it.

  • Little by little, this tiny dairy became a favorite in some of the country’s biggest markets.

Information for Visiting Turkey Hill Experience

RECOMMENDATION – come with an empty stomach. Own the fact that you and your kids will get totally spoiled with all the ice cream you can possibly consume – it’s all part of the experience. And my other MAJOR recommendation. Do the Taste Lab first, before the exhibit where the unlimited tastings of the ice cream. This way you can fully enjoy the ice cream you made during your Lab time.

Phone: 1-844-847-4884

Address: Columbia Exit of Route 30 301 Linden Street Columbia, PA 17512


Prices and Tours:

Turkey Hill Experience

  • Adult (ages 18-61): $9.95

  • Junior (ages 5-17): $7.95

  • Senior (ages 62+): $8.95

  • Children (ages 4 and under): FREE

Turkey Hill Experience & Lab Combo Ticket

  • Adult (ages 18-61): $14.50

  • Junior (ages 5-17): $12.50

  • Senior (ages 62+): $13.50

  • Children (ages 4 and under): $4.55

Turkey Hill Experience & National Watch Clock Museum

  • Adult (ages 18-61): $14.50

  • Junior (ages 5-17): $11.50

  • Senior (ages 62+): $13.50

  • Children (ages 4 and under): Free

Turkey Hill Experience, Lab & National Watch Clock Museum

  • Adult (ages 18-61): $19.05

  • Junior (ages 5-17): $16.05

  • Senior (ages 62+): $18.05

  • Children (ages 4 and under): $4.55

Turkey Hill Experience, Lancaster County PA – Review


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  1. lovely photos, looks like great fun for all the family. is there the option to buy the ice cream and take home ?

    1. Hey Debra,

      You know, I didn’t see anywhere to buy the ice cream. But there are stores all over the place to get it.

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