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Turkey Adventure Activity Guide

For those seeking adventure and exploration opportunities, there is more to Turkey than gulet cruises and exotic nightlife. In recent years the tourism industry in Turkey has been branching out in two very different directions. These new branches build on strong roots; Turkey’s tourist industry is well established and has been attracting foreign visitors, en masse, for the past couple of decades. However, these two branches diverge from a strong trunk of family fun beach breaks.Many activities that you can experience while traveling in Turkey.Check this out to learn all about the Turkey adventure.

Turkey Adventure

Travelers to Turkey can now live it up in the lap of luxury at one of the country’s exclusive spa resorts complete with sunrise yoga and moonshine massages. Branching off in the other direction is the adventure travel market. This market is growing exponentially as a whole across the entire globe as people are no longer satisfied with doing nothing. There is a growing proportion of holidaymakers that want to see more, experience more and do more, while on holiday.

So what activities can you do in Turkey exactly?

Turkey Adventure

Activities in Turkey can broadly be divided into:

  • land-based and
  • sea-based activities

If you like to get wet and wild, white water rafting should definitely be on your to-do list. The Coruh River, running down from the mighty Kackar Mountains offers a wealth of rafting spots. Many of the rapids are long and extreme, some even as powerful as grade 6. However, there are routes that avoid some of the most nail-biting sections allowing you take in the scenery of Byzantine castles and hilltop villages without the worry of getting thrown overboard.

Kayaking can be as strenuous or as relaxed as you choose, so it’s the perfect sea-based family activity holiday. Turkey’s coastline is breathtaking, and its sweeping bays, narrow rocky coves, sheer cliffs, hidden caves and inviting grottos are perfectly explored by kayak. The Dalaman coast, that located in so-called Turkish Riviera, is the ideal location as the coastline is sheltered and developed enough to offer plenty of land-based accommodation options.

For the hard-core adventurer, climbing in Turkey’s dry and mountainous interior is a must. This sport isn’t for the faint-hearted, but with the right guidance and level of determination, pretty much anyone can have a go. The Ala Daglar National Park in the Taurus mountain range is ideal. There are 100 or so different routes to choose from of various grades and lengths.

Hence, don`t hesitate and go on your trip to Turkey right now!

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