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Trying International Dishes in Darwin: Fair for Everyone

Visitors to Darwin who are on their first trip to the capital of the Northern Territory could be forgiven for thinking they were anywhere but Australia as they sample fresh food inspired by nations across the globe. Of course, seasoned travelers who miss some of the dishes they have tried in numerous countries over the years will be in their element as they experience yet another dish with origins in places like Japan, Mexico and Italy.All of the tasty international food you can try at a fair in Darwin, Australia.Take a look at this short guide on Trying International Dishes

Trying International Dishes in Darwin
Source: Marina K. Villatoro


First time visitors to Darwin that would like to learn more about the many different kinds of dishes that can be tried at marketplaces and other locations around the city should look online for websites providing well-received blogs on the subject. Indeed, sites that are able to help travelers choose fantastic places to eat at night in Darwin are very useful sources of information.  These websites will guide us on finding out how we can make our visit to Darwin a much more enjoyable experience.

Although many of the travelers staying in the capital will be keen to try out dishes from indigenous Australians, lots of people who simply love food will also be eager to taste fair from across the globe.

Fresh Fair

As all food enthusiasts will not need reminding about, there is something quite special about not only eating fresh food at marketplaces and similar venues, but also watching the food being cooked right in front of you. Culinary experts who would love to learn a thing or two about the preparation and cooking of a variety of bites from around the world could not be in a better location than a marketplace in a northern suburb of Darwin.

Before we start heading out to such venues in the city and surrounding areas, we will need to ensure the choice of Darwin accommodation we book up is the right place for us. Fortunately, there are tons of places to stay in Darwin that can accommodate all types of budgets and tastes in places to stay whilst on holiday. Travelers in Darwin who would like to keep most of their money for eating at fancy restaurants are also likely to enjoy eating at unique food stalls from time to time. Luckily, there are lots of different dishes to try at open-air markets in Darwin that are provided by people who make up some of the many ethnic groups found in this part of the Territory.

Sunset Markets

One of the more popular markets for locals and tourists in Darwin is the Mindil Beach Sunset Market. Apart from the many ranges of items for sale such as accessories, handicrafts and unique jewellery, there are heaps of different types of food to try from countries all over the world. Some of the more sought-after dishes by Darwin citizens and travelers alike at this truly international market are listed below:

  1. Thai – authentic traditional Thai cuisine
  2. Sri Lankan – a broad selection of Sri Lankan dishes
  3. Indonesian – top dishes from this former trading partner
  4. Turkish – delight in the range of cuisine from Turkey
  5. Mexican – spicy Mexican bites from Central America

Indeed, if we consider the huge range of fresh food to be tried on a visit to this top market in Darwin, there is no surprise that food lovers staying in the capital city for a few weeks will be coming back for more time and time again.

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