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Travel Websites – TripsPoint or TripAdvisor – What Should You Choose

If you are a frequent traveler, one of the sites that you may always be visiting is perhaps TripAdvisor. It has been a golden standard for the travelers around. Perhaps, it has reached a status where no other service can touch it. It is one of those unique options for reviewing and comparing hotels, restaurants and a wide range of other traveling excursions. However, what if you are looking for an alternative option? TripsPoint should be an excellent option for your requirements.Learn all about two of the top travel websites, TripsPoint and TripAdvisor. This will allow you to choose which one to use.

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Travel Websites – TripsPoint or TripAdvisor – What Should You Choose

What is TripsPoint?

Have you ever found a booking platform that has disappointed you? Maybe there may have been a few bad experiences where your travel experience may have gone haywire. Maybe it is where you would like want to give a thought to TripsPoint. It has been rising ahead in becoming one of the excellent options for an enhanced experience in terms of a beautiful travel experience.

What makes it one of the best options? They are known for the on time delivery of the services. Given the fact that it has been one of those areas where several service providers have failed miserably.

One of the unique pointers that make it an excellent option is that you get rewards for every travel activity that we love to involve ourselves on TripsPoint. Most of these rewards come with a monetary benefit. If you are one of those frequent travelers who spend more time away from home, this should be an exciting option for you and you should be able to travel cheaper.

What differentiates TripsPoint from TripAdvisor?

Well, TripAdvisor, like we already mentioned is one of the top players in the travel industry. While it does come with some specific features that make it one of the excellent options for reviewing and comparing your travel plans, it does come with its own negativeness.

TripAdvisor has a few inherent issues or some shortcomings. One of the enormous issues we found with TripAdvisor is the fake reviews that seem to be surfacing to a considerable extent. If you have been following TripAdvisor, you would have been aware that there are a few issues cropped up because of the fake TripAdvisor reviews. 2017 saw a unique case where a place called The Shed at Dulwichbecame the No. 1 restaurant on TripAdvisor, while the restaurant did not exist in reality.

TripsPoint excels, where TripAdvisor fails. The reviews on TripsPoint are genuine and authentic. They are 100 per cent true because there are no practical options at all for the fake reviews. The TripsPoint system is designed in such a manner that the system will check every review to confirm whether the person reviewing your service is actually a TripsPoint customer and he has booked and participated in a travel plan or activity through the platform.

TripAdvisor, on the other hand, relies on the automated review moderation to find and approve the reviews. This considerably reduces the quality level of the service. Almost anyone can post anything. There is no level of quality control involved in making the service capable and efficient enough.

What would we Suggest?

Well, if you are using TripAdvisor for booking services, tours and travels that you are well aware of may be a good option in many ways. However, if you are checking it out as an option to find the best places to visit,  like private tours in Tenerife  and using it as a review site, it may be a good idea to opt for TripsPoint. You can expect genuine and impartial reviews on TripsPoint than on TripAdvisor.

That should not mean we wore downgrading TripAdvisor to any extent. However, lack of moderation and quality control should be what makes it one of the bad options you would want to go with. Moreover, even for the trips and other bookings you take up on TripsPoint, you would get access to monetary rewards. While TripAdvisor does not give you access to such options.

Those were a few comparisons that should prompt you to opt for a few unique local tours worldwide at We would definitely hold TripsPoint one of the exciting options just because it holds the interests and benefits of the clients in high esteem. This is an excellent option that we would find lacking in any other competing trip planner service.

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