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Tried And Tested Travel Accessories That’ll Make Your Life On The Road Substantially Easier

If you travel a lot, you probably have a few things you always throw in your travel bag. And when you are away very often, traveling with mediocre gear is totally out of the question.Six pieces of travel accessories that every traveler should pack whenever they go on a adventure.Look at list of the top travel accessories.

After all, unwise packing can lead to massive delays, inconveniences, and a foul mood. So, if you don’t want any of the headaches that accompany these situations, we suggest you better save yourself the trouble and get these travel accessories by 4×44 Africa which offers all kinds of equipment and products to fit all your off-road and camping needs.

Travel Accessories

Tried And Tested Travel Accessories

1. A Smart and Eco-Friendly Water Bottle as Travel Accessories

With the rising issue surrounding single-use plastic, it’s time for you to pick up a stylish reusable water bottle. But, don’t just settle for a standard reusable bottle, instead opt for something that does more than just contain liquid.

The LARQ water bottle features UV-C LED technology that eliminates 99.99 percent of odor-causing and harmful bacteria, offering you only the cleanest drinking water while you’re on the move. Its light automatically activates every 2 hours in order to make sure the bottle remains odor-free and clean.

Because it is double-walled, your beverages will stay hot for 12 hours or cold for a whole day. And if you want to do something for the community, you’ll be glad to know that a portion of the proceeds hugely benefits different charities that aim to make drinking water more accessible, worldwide.

2. Travel Adapter For Everything

Of all the things you might need on a vacation or even work trip, travel adapters are probably at the top of your priority list.

And this nifty Bestek travel adapter is super lightweight, featuring a converter that will work everywhere you go complete with USB ports. Plus, it comes with its very own travel pouch.

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones as Travel Accessories

Whether the goal is to watch a movie, get some shuteye on a long trip or concentrate on your work without having to listen to the chatter of other passengers, noise-canceling headphones are definitely a life saver for frequent travelers.

travel accessories

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II, in particular, will drown out all the exterior noise and can be used for a total of 20 hours, making them perfect for long-haul journeys. And in case you need smart help, these headphones can also be used to access Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

4. An Umbrella For Safekeeping

Prepared travelers always bring an umbrella on their trips and adventures. However, umbrellas are notorious for being left behind when their owners are out of town.

So, for the forgetful nomad, the Weatherman’s Collapsible Umbrella features Bluetooth technology that syncs up with your smartphone for safekeeping. Plus, it is also designed to withstand and endure winds of up to 55 mph. Much better than those flimsy, inverted umbrellas you have at home.

5. A Compact Sleep Sack

Oh, the good ol’ sleep sack! Hostel dwellers will definitely understand why a sleep sack is crucial to both being clean and feeling comfortable in certain hostels.

Even though hostels have become quite fancy and advanced in recent years, some have not quite gotten the memo yet and you will need a bit of extra help to sleep comfortably at night. Most hostels don’t wash their bedding after each use, so one of Amazon’s best sellers, The Friendly Suede Sleeping Bag, is a great way to ensure that you’re not sleeping among other people’s dirt and dead skin cells.

Furthermore, sleeping bags are great for camping, other than tents to keep you warm in your outdoor adventures.

6. A First-Aid Kit That Fits as Travel Accessories

Any traveler or backpacker can tell that blisters are quite common and ordinary, but definitely suck. There are various things that can go wrong while you travel, however, little annoying injuries such as blisters and cuts can damper your trip and put you in a foul mood.

But, with this tiny first aid kit from I GO that only weighs 0.56 pounds and come with a super affordable price tag, you will have a whopping 85 medical grade items to treat all those tiny boo-boos. It is highly recommended to be prepared when traveling, and taking home one of these compact first-aid kits is arguably the best way to do that.

If you travel a lot, you probably have a few things you always throw in your travel bag. And when you are away very often, traveling with mediocre gear is totally out of the question.

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