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Trends in Pet-Friendly Travel

The family pet is now an important traveler to consider, according to a recent report by Hilton Hotels. Since 2020, around 23 million homes have welcomed a pet and 65% are interested in traveling in the future with their furry friends. Hilton reports that on its website, ‘pet-friendly’ is the third most used search filter. Research indicates that a rise in pet travel is predicted not only in the US, but also in the UK, Canada, Europe, and some countries in the Asia Pacific. How is the travel and tourism sector responding to this new phenomenon?

Pet Pampering

Resorts have also woken up to the importance that pets have in their clients’ lives, and many are finding ways to make vacation time as enriching for pets as it is for their humans. For instance, the Kimpton Sylvan Hotel in Atlanta has a host of transitional indoor-outdoor spaces, where pets are free to join human beings and four-pawed beings are welcome on the chic rooftop bar.

Rooms are fitted with pet bed loaners, specialty treats, and bowls. The Betsy South Beach Hotel in Miami, meanwhile, offers ‘Pampering with Pooch’ spa experiences in which humans enjoy a 50-minute massage, while dogs enjoy a 10-minute one.

Baker’s Cay Resort Key Largo, Curio Collection by Hilton in Florida has a ‘yappy hour’ special for dogs every day on the beach, featuring a myriad of treats. Meanwhile, the Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort & Spa has the choice of the Deluxe Twin Room or Regency Executive Suite Twin for guests with pets. These accommodations have dog showers, dryers, and pet enclosures on the balcony. They also have pet-sitting services for those who wish to leave their dog in the room while they are sightseeing.

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More Pets in Plane Cabins

Up until recently, the list of countries that did not permit pet entry in plane cabins was long. It included Australia, Scotland, the UAE, and Ireland. Today, even the strictest countries are easing up on pet travel. For instance, in 2021, the aviation safety regulation body in Australia (the CASA) overturned the rule that forbade pets from cabin travel. While the choice is still up to individual airlines, the change of law is promising and indirectly puts pressure on airlines to succumb to travelers’ demands.

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Pet-Centered Destinations

Many destinations are now making an effort to market themselves to pet lovers. For instance, Valencia, a revered beach destination in Spain, has pet-friendly guides that let travelers know the many activities they can enjoy with their pet. The list of things to do includes visits to the Botanical Garden and the Turia Gardens (where pets are more than welcome), the Valencian orchard, and the Sierra Calderona natural parks. Valencia allows travelers to obtain a pet identity card. This card enables them to travel with their pets on all public bus lines.

It’s an exciting time to travel if you have pets. You can plan the holiday of your dreams, knowing your pet will be taken care of. Top resorts across the globe are finding new ways to attract pet-loving families, by finding new ways to pamper pets and by offering guests time outside while pets are entertained and taken care of at the resort.

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