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Travelling to Cardiff to Study for University

Considering a course at Cardiff University? Cardiff offers so much for students wanting to travel to Cardiff to study. There are 3 major universities to consider when looking to study in Cardiff. The main universities and most well known is Cardiff University, followed by Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales. 

If you plan travel to Cardiff for longer than fourteen days, the University’s Interruption of Study procedure will allow you to take an extended break while still completing your studies. During a period of 14 days, you do not need to apply for Interruption of Studies, but if you’ll be absent for more than a month, you’ll need to contact the university’s Advice and Money Team.

The city is home to many tourists and international students wanting to enjoy the culture and history of the city, while being able to have world-class teaching by one of the city’s 3 universities. Students are able to pick their university based on courses and their predicted grades, making it accessible to many students who want to travel to Cardiff.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University has University’s Biology Department that offers many exciting and informative courses that can also be combined with research credits. A student must take 60 Cardiff credits per semester and 15 UF credits. Students can use the coursework taken in their senior thesis. Depending on the course, they may be able to receive graduate-level credit from the university.

It has two campuses, Cathays Park and Heath Park, and houses 16 libraries with 1.3 million books. Cardiff University also has 20 computer rooms and Wi-Fi throughout the campus. It is an excellent choice for international students seeking a degree in the arts or a STEM field.

University of South Wales

The University of South Wales at Cardiff is a leading institution of higher learning in the UK and is part of the prestigious Russell Group of leading research-led universities. Located in the south of Wales, this progressive city offers a high standard of living and a low cost of living. If you are considering an international education at Cardiff University, SI-UK London is the best place to start. This thriving city offers a vibrant student life and is one of the most affordable cities in the UK to study.

Apart from its three universities, Cardiff offers many other benefits to international students choosing other, smaller institutions. The city is well-connected and safe, with affordable living costs and the best student’s union in the UK. With over 200 student clubs, the city is also ideal for students who want to explore the city. It is easy to find all the necessities in the city center. There is no need to take a train to the university. You can even buy groceries at the supermarket.

Cardiff Metropolitan University 

Cardiff Metropolitan University offers a range of courses and a great campus experience for students, less known than Cardiff University but still a well-respected university offering a range of disciplines for students to enjoy. Cardiff Met Uni has a beautiful campus, with amazing classrooms and facilities for students to use while studying at the university. 

The University offers both Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses and is home to many international students wanting to travel to Cardiff to study for their degrees. 

Student Accommodation in Cardiff 

For students looking for accommodation, there is a range of student housing in Cardiff that offers an excellent selection of ensuites and studios for students wanting accommodation within the city. It is a great choice for international students, as most of the student accommodation is located close to lecture theaters and libraries. Compared to other UK universities, the cost of living is lower, and students often enjoy the comfort of a window seat in a café. The city also offers many opportunities to participate in external scholarship schemes.

Cardiff City has so much to offer students wanting to study abroad and travel to a new city, making it a popular destination amongst many students abroad. There is a busy scene for students who want coffee and light meals, Cardiff is an easy destination for students. The university is easily accessible by public transportation and is within two hours of London. 

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