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Traveling With a Small Child – Sharing is Caring

A simple sharing platform to help parents share/rent/lend their children’s equipment’s to young families traveling. Learn about traveling small child.

Travelling With a Small Child

Traveling small child can cause panic attacks: from planning the trips in concordance with the feeds and the sleeping hours, to carrying out the necessary amount of equipment – the bottles, the blankets, the seats, the clothes, the changing clothes, the diapers,…it is a real expedition.

When you want to share your love for traveling with your children, but feel trapped by the amount of things that need to be prepared to ensure that they are safe and enjoy the ride, Airbaby is here to help!

Airbaby is a simple traveling small child sharing platform to help parents share/rent/lend their children’s’ equipment to young families traveling. It is meant to help parents carry less around while ensuring that their children have all they need to feel safe and at home anywhere. It is also a nice way to connect local families with traveling ones, while putting to good use the baby stuff we gradually set aside!

Airbaby is free and only works if you spread the love! so please like us on Facebook and share with your friends!

Enjoy the trip!

Traveling With a Small Child


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