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Traveling Egypt Made Simpler


Monumental Egypt remains a must-visit destination for any tourist or traveler not only for the several attractions but also for the historical culture that dates back to the dawn of civilization. However, without proper guidance on your tours, you may have only a limited or, worse, an unpleasant experience in an otherwise beautiful country.

Fortunately, companies like Inside Egypt offer tours led by Egyptian guides who will show you all the secrets and mysteries the country has to offer, and make sure that you don’t miss out on any experiences.

Having been born and raised in Cairo, I have a concrete knowledge of the city down to its most convoluted streets. This coupled with a 16-year experience as a tour guide makes for the perfect blog to cater for your traveling needs during your visit and stay in Egypt. Here you will find valuable secrets to improve your Egypt tours and not just the usual narratives on pyramids and deserts. These secrets include the best destinations to visit and the best time to do so, great offers and deals on accommodations, details on the best traditional cuisine and much more. Read on to learn more about what this blog has to offer. 

1. Priceless Information on Pyramid Tours

Visiting the historic Pyramids of Giza is on every visitor’s checklist. Before embarking on this adventurous quest, you are most likely confronted with the daunting task of choosing the right tour that will fit your budget and needs from a wide array of options. If you happen to fall under this broad category of first-time tourists who have no smattering idea of how to select the perfect tour, you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will find great pieces on various tours and their corresponding rates and detailed reviews that go down to the pros and cons of each tour. You will also be treated to different takes by visitors on the various tours to get first-hand opinions on the tours. After an article or two on this subject, you are bound to make the right choice in selecting the right tour for you or your family. 

2. Nile Cruises

Travel agencies are often quick to recommend a cruise through the great River Nile. What they are however slow to inform you of is the variety of ways you can choose to cruise the Nile. Now depending on your budget and the time you wish to spend on the large cruise ships or Dahabiya’s, which are small but elegant wind-powered sail ships with just 4-6 cabins, you can choose from a plethora of options. The more luxurious ships may set you back 500$ a night while the smaller basic ships cost only 50$ a night. The Dahabiya’s range from 90$-300$ a night but is less crowded and more pleasant especially for couples. Penny pinchers will find great comfort in the Feluccas which only cost around 20$-50$ but offer more of the same experience but with fewer amenities. You can browse through this blog and find tons of tips and secrets on Nile cruises that cannot be found anywhere else.

3. Egyptian Cuisine

What better way to learn about the cuisines of magical Egypt than from an avid cook and long time enthusiast of local food. That is exactly what I offer in my many blogs on Egyptian foods that discuss various delicacies from the local street foods to exquisite five-course hotel meals. Anchored in simplicity, Egyptian cuisine is sure to tantalize the taste buds of any tourist, but the question remains, where do you find the best fattah, kushari or hawawshi? If you want the answer to this issue or simply want to know what the mentioned foods are, read through the blog for information on the best Egyptian meals and where to eat. Aside from that, You will find out what ingredients are used to make the foods, so you’ll know what not to consume especially if you are allergic to some ingredients. 

4. Local Population, Laws, and Customs

At the heart of Egypt’s culture and heritage lies the vibrant local citizenry and their strict adherence to laws and customs. If you want a perfectly smooth and enjoyable experience in Egypt, it is important to learn how to interact with the locals and keep in line with their laws and customs. As an example, the consumption of alcohol is illegal in Egypt so an innocent swig may put you on the wrong side of the law. These and other laws that may not apply in your home country are followed stringently in Egypt. To avoid becoming a victim of ignorance read through my many articles on the people, legislature, and customs of Egypt

For more in depth and comprehensive information on traveling and touring Egypt, look no further than this blog to always keep you in the know.

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