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Traveling With Pets – What You Need To Know About Boarding Your Dog

Sometimes you need to board your dog. You’re going to visit a family member that doesn’t allow dogs in their home. You’re going on vacation and your dog doesn’t travel well.Learn all You Need To Know About Boarding Your Dog for your next vacation.Take a look at this article to Traveling With Pets.

Whatever your reason for needing to board your dog, you want to make sure that you pick the right place to board them and you want to make sure they’re going to have a good stay. Here are some things to consider when making your boarding decisions.

traveling with pets

Traveling With Pets – 4 Tips for Boarding Your Dog

Not All Boarding Kennel Are Equal
Go with your own veterinary clinic if they offer boarding. Your dog will already know the people there and you’ll already know that it’s a trustworthy place to keep your dog while you’re away. Not all veterinary clinics offer pet boarding, though.

Make sure to visit the places you’re considering boarding your dog, ahead of time, and get a tour. You want to make sure the place is clean, that the pets look well cared for, and that your dog will be able to be comfortable there. Ask questions of the employees as well, to get a feel of how the place runs.

Scheduling Their Stay
You may want to schedule early, especially during holidays and spring break. If you are boarding your dog at a popular place it will fill up fast. And, if you’ve done your research and found a good boarding kennel, then it will probably be a busy place.

Make sure you know what time you need to drop your pet off, and what time you can pick them up when you return from your trip. You also want to make sure you know what they need with them (if they are on a special diet) and what type of requirements they have (like up-to-date vaccinations).

They Need To Be Up-To-Date On Shots
All boarding kennels should require dogs to have kennel cough vaccinations. If the place you are considering doesn’t require this then you better take your pet elsewhere. This is a highly contagious illness.

You will likely be required to have all of your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date. This protects them, the other pets at the facility, and the employees.

Temperament Matters
If your dog doesn’t play well with other, make sure the people at the kennel know ahead of time. Some kennels will let friendlier dogs have playtime together. Some doggy daycare places keep all the dogs together. Doggy daycare is great if you work long hours and don’t want to leave your dog kenneled at home the whole time.

You may want to invest in some obedience training if you have an unruly dog. It will be good for them and all of the people they come into contact with. If you have an aggressive dog and they bite a worker or another pet while they’re boarding you could get banned from that facility, sued, and your dog may even get put down.

Dog training in general is super useful and will help your dog adjust and have fun.

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