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Travel Advice – How To Make Easier Traveling With Mobility Devices or Aids

Traveling is freedom. Being able to travel the country or the world is an empowering moment. But, if you’re suffering from a mobility issue or disability, it is a little more complicated than just jumping on an airplane and flying around.Three tips that will allow you to travel comfortably as someone with disabilities.Check this out to learn traveling with mobility devices.

Traveling With Mobility Devices

You have a lot of real concerns that need to be considered, and even getting through security can be a long ordeal.

A few tips that will make your life easier getting through the airport include:

1. Gate Checks Are Available
Airlines want to accommodate all passengers, and they know it’s in their best interest to make life as easy as possible for you. A tip that is very helpful for anyone with a mobility aid is that your mobility aid can be checked at the gate.

You’ll be able to check your:
• Wheelchair
• Walker
• Cane
• Mobility scooter

The great thing is that you can use your mobility aid all the way to the aircraft’s door. You can also enter the aircraft with your device as needed.

2. Request a Manual Search If It’s Easier
I walk with a cane, but in the airport, I choose to use a wheelchair because everything is fast-paced. You’ll find that security will not overlook you. I had one security officer ask me to stand up out of the wheelchair and take off my belt.

It was a hassle for me, but I found easier to ask for a manual search than trying to walk through the scanner.

Airport security screeners should be advised if:
• You cannot walk unassisted for a few steps
• Want a manual search to be performed

Screeners will often run a cane through the detector, and will give the cane back to you when it’s been checked successfully.

3. Contact the Airline Ahead of Time if You Have Mobility Limitations
If you need assistance at the airport, contact the airline ahead of time. When I went to Italy, I needed help getting off of the airplane because they used stairs to let passengers off. I couldn’t go down the stairs, so a special lift came to help me off of the airplane.

But I didn’t know that this would be an issue.

I had to spend a significant amount of time on the plane because no one knew that I was going to need help; I didn’t know either. The rest of my connecting flights were easy because crew members relayed the information to the other airlines.

Everything is much easier when the airline knows what you need.

I suggest calling the airline well in advance to ensure that all accommodations are made to make your flight as easy and stress-free as possible.

If you rely on asking for help when you arrive at the airport, this may backfire on you. I had an experience in London where no one wanted to help me because of a shift change. I almost missed my connecting flight and had to file a complaint with the airline due to their personnel being very rude and unprofessional.

So, if you have a mobility device or aid, it’s best to alert the airlines and airports of your needs to avoid these pesky issues.

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