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My Favorite Ways To Get Around When I’m Traveling With Kids

I’m very lucky to have kids that are as passionate about travel as I am. All our adventures are such valuable life experiences. They see things that most people don’t experience through their whole life. I think it’s so important to engage with other cultures and learn a bit more about the planet we live on.Some of the best ways of transportation that you can use while traveling with kids.Find information about traveling with kids.

When I’m moving from place to place with the kids, I think it’s great fun to try out different ways of traveling. I want every journey to memorable whether I record it here on the blog or not. Part of the experience of traveling includes the type of transport you use. I have my favorites, but I’m always open to some new experiences.

One of my favorite modes of transport is a ship. I like to take cruises because you can visit so many different places in just a week or two. Plus I love the luxury of a cruise ship! Traveling on the water is so relaxing as well. The cruise staff always take such good care of you and the kids. And best of all, there is so much to do on board!

Many of my early journeys took place over land. It’s so freeing to take yourself where you want to be. As much as I love to be guided to all the best places on a tour bus, I still want to make my own way. It’s great to use car rentals so you can visit those out of the way places. It also means you can make up your own itinerary – a must for the passionate traveler!

Traveling With Kids
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A car rental will also ensure your kids are safe with you. Public transport is a great way to help you get to know more about the local culture. The driver rarely gets to enjoy the view as much as the passengers. But the freedom to take that little dirt track, or to stop and take in a jaw-dropping view makes it all worthwhile. There are so many great guides online now too that will help you make the most of your journey.

I love keeping active while I’m away too. If you’ve got a car rental, check you can have a bicycle rack installed. Cycling around the more scenic places you visit is a great way to explore a place. You can feel the air on your skin, see all around you, and you’re all getting some great exercise at the same time! Coastal paths and canal routes make for the best cycling expeditions.

If you’re stopping off near some lakes, you should hire a rowboat and head out on the water to explore. Not only can you get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful wildlife and scenery, but it’s so relaxing. And if you’re with a partner, it can be so romantic too. It’s quiet, still and intimate. Finding these little hideaways is all part of the fun of traveling too.

I love moving when I’m traveling, but I don’t always need to be going high speed. Take your time when you’re traveling to smell the air and see the beauty of the landscape. Happy travels.

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