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Traveling with Fishing Gear: Things To Know Before Your Flight

Fishing is a fun activity with many benefits, no matter where you get to do it. If you love to go fishing often, you must have your own fishing gear, which is your favorite. And people who love fishing always tend to use their own gear for the activity. Travel fishing is a fun activity to do. We hope you’ve learned everything you needed to know about traveling with your fishing gear.

If you’re traveling somewhere else, you can either carry your fishing gear with you, or you can hire a company that would provide you with the required gear.

Now, whatever purpose you have for taking your fishing gear with you while traveling, you must pack it carefully. And today, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about traveling with your fishing gear.

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Traveling with Fishing Gear

When you’re traveling with your fishing gear, the first thing you have to do is make sure you’re taking a fishing rod that can be broken down into 4 or more pieces. Professional anglers usually carry at least two fishing rods so that you can follow that technique as well.

Fishing poles are accepted as both carry-on and check-in luggage. So, what should you do? Should you carry your fishing gear with you or check them at the airport?

Well, we’d recommend carrying them with you, as you’ll have the peace of mind that they’re safe with you. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at a much-anticipated fishing adventure to discover that your gear has been destroyed!

If you’re carrying them, then make sure the pieces are taped together well. If you check them with your luggage, then do the same with the pieces before checking them in.

While traveling with something heavier like trolling rods, you might face a hard time letting the airport authority allow you to carry them with you. But you can check them in as sports equipment, and you won’t be charged extra for these with most airlines.

You can check with the airline’s website to find out about their sports equipment carrying policy to know more about it.

How to Travel with the Fishing Reels

Traveling with the fishing reels is much less complicated than fishing rods or trolling rods. If you have enough space in your carry-on bags, carry the reels wrapped in socks or other small clothes. You can buy traveling cases for reels if you want to be extra careful.

Trolling reels might not fit into your carry-on luggage, so pack them well in your check-in luggage. Now, many airlines might not let you carry the reels in carry-on bags with the fishing lines. In such cases, remove the lines and pack them in your check-in luggage.

Should I Carry or Check Fishing Hooks and Flies?

TSA says that you may carry small fishing hooks with you that don’t pose any threat. But, to be on the safe side, it’s better to carry all the fishing hooks in your check-in luggage.

Now, what about the flies? Make sure they are packed well and stored in a box inside your luggage. You can wrap the box with a cloth to add an extra layer of protection.

Can I Check-in Kayaks with Me While Flying?

Absolutely not! Most of the airlines haven’t allowed carrying kayaks or dinghies with you anymore since 9/11. So, you have to contact a charter company if you want a kayak or dinghy for fishing where you’re staying.

Resorts with 4+ or more ratings usually provide the opportunity of renting kayaks for an hourly rate. So, you can check for that opportunity as well.

Carrying Miscellaneous Fishing Equipment

When you’re carrying your fishing gear with you, we know that it’s not only your rods and reels. But, don’t make the mistake of carrying knives or other sharp metal objects with you. If you have such equipment, check them in your luggage.

Please don’t argue with the agents about letting you carry them with you. They can ban you from flying for even trying to do this. So, the best practice would be to check in everything except the fishing rods and reels.

Try Fishing Luggage

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of checking whether you’ll be allowed to carry your fishing gear or not, you can just get fishing luggage and put everything in it. 

What If I Don’t Want to Fly with Your Fishing Gear?

No matter what the problem is, there’s always a solution! You can always contact a charter company and use the fishing gear they provide. But, if you want to go fishing with your own fishing gear, but don’t want to fly with them, then we have a solution for you as well!

You can send your fishing gear through FedEx or UPS to the place you’re staying with some extra money. Both of them cost almost the same, and they’ll ship your gear carefully to your preferred location.

Staying at a fly-fishing lodge that offers an all-inclusive package is a final alternative if you don’t want to fly with your fishing gear. Such packages are available at lodges like the Madison River Lodge in Montana. They’ll let you stay there and rent fishing gear as well for as long as you need.

Everything you’ll need for spending a day in the water will be assembled by experts. You’re not only staying in a stunning location, but you’ll also have access to experts who can help you with your fishing.

Bottom Line

Packing your fishing gear is rarely the most enjoyable aspect of traveling, but it must be done with care to protect your valuable equipment. You can travel your fishing gear by checking them in or carrying them with you, or you can simply ship them through a courier service.

We hope you’ve learned everything you needed to know about traveling with your fishing gear. Happy fishing!

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