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Traveling With Children: Survival Strategies for Perturbed Parents

Traveling is exciting but it’s usually the destination and not the means of getting there that gets people excited. Actually, traveling to and from the destination can be a huge pain depending on the mode of transportation, how long it will take, and who is coming along. Of course, you love your kids but spending hours or days in a car with them is not a lovely thought. Therefore, you’ll need a number of survival strategies to maintain your sanity and level of serenity while traveling with kids.Six of the basic tips that parents should follow when traveling with children.In this blog post, you will find information about this.

Traveling With Children: Survival Strategies for Perturbed Parents

Tips for Traveling With Children

Keep Them Informed

People love surprises but most want to know the logistics related to trips. It’s where the famous ‘Are we there yet?’ mantra comes from; kids want to be informed. Tell them about the upcoming trip, the route the family will take to get there, and (especially) how long it will take to arrive at the destination. Informing them will make them better prepared. That way there will be no surprises related to boredom and how long the car ride is taking.

Travel By Night

Consider bringing along an extra adult. That way, you can travel the road by night, when the kids are asleep and less likely to annoy the adults. Plus, you can keep the children entertained during the day and make them tired enough to sleep through the car ride in the evenings. Having another adult will allow for more rest for you and cycles of driving rotation.

Bring Along Entertainment

Of course, you’ll need to bring along books, gadgets, and maybe even a friend that will keep the kids entertained in the car. The attention span of kids is short to begin with, but make them sit in the car for hours at a time, and it will feel like eternities for you. Therefore, bring along their iPads, handheld video games, favorite book, etc to ensure they stay as occupied as possible. And don’t forget chargers and extra batteries!

Pack Snacks

Kids get ‘hungry’ (the combination of hungry and angry). Therefore, bring enough snacks and refreshments to tide them over until the next stop. Along with snacks, bring along napkins, wipes, and a trash bag so the car is not filled with litter by the time you arrive at your vacation destination. Into every kid’s life, a little spills will happen. Therefore, invest in spill-proof cups so the possibility of carpet stains does not add to your anxiety. Alternatively, you may want to invest in a set of seat covers from Shear Comfort so you can wash them and refresh the look of your car’s interior once the trip is over.

Prepare Yourself

So far, the entirety of tips has focused on the kids, yet you need to be in the right mind space to complete this road trip too. Therefore, be well prepared for the hours or days ahead before you shut the driver’s side door. Dedicate time to yourself before the trip, and if you feel yourself getting a bit testy while on the road, pull over for a breather or ask another adult to take a turn behind the wheel. The last thing you want to do is let your emotions get the better of you and say something you don’t mean or get into an argument with family members before getting to your vacation spot. It’s your vacation too so don’t spoil the fun!

Pack for Changing Climates

Depending on the trajectory of the ride and the time of year, it may be extra cold or hot outside. Remember that heat tends to make people lose their temper quicker and makes people sleepy. Therefore, as the driver or watcher of the kids, you may want to keep a little cool (figuratively and literally). However, to keep the kids from complaining, be sure that you bring the appropriate blankets, change of clothes, and variety of shirts, pants, and shorts. That way, whether the kids are too hot or cold, a quick change will make them feel just right.

Nicole Burke is a stay at home Mom of a toddler and a twelve-year-old. When not in Mommy Mode, she enjoys sitting down with a coffee and writing. Her parenting articles appear on a growing selection of sites online.

What other travel tips would you give for traveling with children?

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