Luxury Link Mexico: How to Turn It Into a Luxury Vacation

Mexico is a destination filled with all kinds of landmarks and natural sights, wonders, stunning beaches, and a culture that is rich and inviting. While any trip to Mexico is bound to be a fabulous one, you can amp up its wow factor by turning your Mexican visit into a luxury vacation. All it takes is a bit of tweaking to your travel plans, and you’ll be set to have the time of your life. Four easy things you can do to achieve a luxury vacation in Mexico. Take a look at this article to learn about traveling to Mexico.

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Book Luxury Accommodations

The very first thing you’ll want to do when planning your luxury vacation is to book luxury accommodations. Your accommodations will be what set the tone for your holiday, so picking a hotel/resort that goes above and beyond the norm is the way to go. The great news is that Mexico has a number of gorgeous and elegant properties that focus on pampering their guests.

A great source of information is Luxury Link, where you’ll find information on the top luxury properties in Mexico, and be able to book them straight through the website. Whether your idea of luxury is a hotel right on the beach, or something more remote and secluded, there is a number to choose from.

A great example is the Imanta Resort in Punta De Mita. This resort is very well-known for its remote location and only nine rooms on the property. The hotel has 250 acres, and each “room” is actually a private bungalow overlooking the beach.

You can find luxury accommodations for a decent price if you think outside the box. Vacation rentals are a great option to consider. You get the best deals when you travel with a group of people in this case. For example, Casa Vida is a gorgeous 4 bedroom, sprawling villa, overlooking the Sea of Cortez. It can accommodate 10 people, so for $1000 a night, you each are only paying $100/night for a stay in this luxurious home.

Sample Fine Dining

Another must on a luxury vacation is to get your fill of fine dining. Sure, you’re not going to want to eat a fancy five-course meal each time you sit down, but it needs to at least be tried a few times in the course of your trip. Whether the restaurant specializes in local dishes, gourmet ingredients, or features a well-known chef, these dining opportunities can really be the highlight of your vacation.

Book a Private Tour

Private tours are the ultimate way to explore a destination and are definitely included under that “luxury travel” umbrella. In Mexico, you’ve got the opportunity to book a private tour on land or sea, depending on what you’re interested in seeing. The hotel may offer tours through them, or you can always speak to the concierge or your tour operator agent located at the hotel.

Indulge in the Spa

One of the most common things you’ll find in luxury hotels is spas. These can be a huge selling feature and can help to draw guests to the property. These spas used to be most common in the large chains, but now even the smaller properties and boutique hotels are offering them. Let’s face it, what’s more, luxurious and relaxing than spending a full day at a spa getting pampered and fussed over?

Let Your Luxury Holiday in Mexico Begin

A luxury vacation is like no other vacation you’ve been on, and chances are that once you book one and experience all it has to offer, it will become your new style of travel.

Last Updated on July 25, 2023

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