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Family Travel to Cuba: Everything You Need to Know For Your Trip

Traveling with kids anywhere is a challenge. And my family and I have done quite a lot of traveling with our two sons (one year old and seven) to many Latin American Countries. But only for our Cuba family vacation have we had to come so prepared. Here’s my family travel to Cuba

kid sitting in a cannon at cuba

One SUPER important and comforting fact – Cuba is so safe that you can totally let your guard down and know your kids are going to love it.

NOTE: A lot of people travel to the beach resorts, which have all your needs taken care of, but in my opinion, you can go to an all-inclusive anywhere in the world. Needless to say, we were in Havana!

Travel to Cuba with kids

What To Take When You Travel to Havana Cuba with Kids:

1. Diapers – this is such a must that I can’t specify it enough. First of all, I couldn’t find too many and when I did, they were literally three times more expensive for three times less of the quality.

kid in a store in havana cuba

2. Formula and milk – my one-year-old drinks a lot of milk. I was told to bring powdered milk with me. Which we did, but when necessary you will find it in the supermarkets, which are NOT that easy to find. And usually, they are all quite expensive. So, if you have the room in your bags, bring enough powdered milk with you and/or formula.

3. Wet Naps – another item not readily found. Just bring enough for your trip and you won’t even notice it.

What to Take When Traveling with a Picky Eater and Kids younger than ten years old:

My oldest son is, to say the very least, a PICKY EATER! He has minimized his menu to three items, and even that can dwindle down to one at a time for weeks. So what do you do with these kids?

Personally, I noticed a remarkable discovery. When there isn’t much of a choice (and not the ones he is used to) he will eat it – very basic variations of it, but hunger wins out.

However, it is a good idea to bring along (just in case):

1. Snacks. If you can jam enough snacks that will keep your kid happy when there really isn’t anything for them, do so.

coppelia icecream store in cuba

2. Pedisure – we might be one of the only ones who use this as often as we do. But, even if he is putting something into his mouth, I know that with a dose of Pediasure, he will get his daily allowance of nutrients.

Is Havana, Cuba for Kids?

Traveling in large cities is tiring for kids. They can only handle so much for so long. With a baby, you can pop them into the backpack carrier and roam the streets – you will get exhausted because of the weight – but at least the baby will be happy.

But with a child that is out of the stroller, it gets a bit more challenging.

Another really cool fact, Cubans have one child per family. You rarely see kids in the streets like you would in other countries, especially 3rd world Latin American countries. Because of this, Cubans love kids. They just don’t have enough of their own, so when they see families with kids, you become an attraction to them and your children will love the attention.

sea lion love in national aquarium in havana cuba

1. Havana is enormous! There is so much to see and so much to do that you have to break it up into increments.

2. Pick a small portion and walk around the streets until the kids start to whine and immediately go to where they will relax and enjoy – examples:

Coppelia Ice Cream, Aquarium, Pigeon Plaza, or a park.

3. Take a City tour – this is a full-day tour and is a must-do. Havana has so many attractions that are simply not close to anything anywhere. If you’re Spanish is good enough, you can hire a cabby (also tour guides) or a classic car driver to do the tour with you. If you prefer it in your native language, prearrange it and do it. The tour is a lot of being in a car, with short stops, so the kids won’t get too tired, a little bored, and restless, but that comes with the kid territory.

4. Bribe them – Tell them to give you one to two hours of exploring for adults, and then they get a souvenir or toy or ice cream or whatever your children are into.

kid playing music with cubans in havana

What would you do, where would you go if you were traveling to Havana with kids?

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Everything You Need to Know for Visiting Cuba with Kids

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