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How to Enjoy Traveling to Guam Through 7 of the Island’s Most Popular Dining Destinations

Food lovers are sure to enjoy their visit to Guam. The island boasts diverse culinary offerings with something to suit every palate. Guam’s culinary heritage pulls flavors from native Chamorro cooking, its Spanish colonial past, and its more recent American-aligned history. This mélange of cultural influences makes for a diverse dining experience as well. The variety of restaurants in Guam run the gamut from American-style steakhouses to Chamorro diners and establishments that offer international flavors. Below we have listed a few of the most popular dining spots you should try on your next visit.How to Enjoy Traveling to Guam Through 7 of the Island’s Most Popular Dining Destinations.Learn all about Travel Foodie.

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Popular Dining Destinations to Visit When Traveling to Guam

Head to Brunch at Pika’s Café

Popular with both locals and tourists, Pika’s Café is a locally owned restaurant known for serving Chamorro inspired cuisine with a California twist. Their popular dishes include creamy Salmon Tinaktak sandwiches. Grilled salmon is mixed with coconut milk, balsamic onions, local string beans, roasted tomatoes, and laña sauce before being served on warm toasted ciabatta bread. Another must-try is the Benedict Chamoru with potato hash. This is a local adaptation of eggs benedict using Chamorro sausage on an English muffin, topped with eggs and hollandaise sauce, and served with roasted potatoes. Also popular are their spam musubis and family platters.

Order a Steak at Alfredo’s Steakhouse

Alfredo’s steakhouse is an award-winning dining establishment known for their sizzling wagyu steaks, fresh lobster, and other juicy entrees. The restaurant is consistently ranked among the top 3 restaurants in Guam on TripAdvisor. Reviews on the site consistently commend Alfredo’s for its fantastic food and excellent service. It’s located inside the Dusit Thani Guam resort, but you don’t need to be a guest of the resort to dine there.

Dine Beachside at Tasi Grill

Guam has a rich tradition of cooking over an open flame. There’s no better place to experience this than at Tasi Grill. This elegant beachside grill boasts amazing ocean front views as you dine. It is popular for dinner and offers a five-course dinner set menu that features locally inspired dishes to give you a unique taste of Guam. Tasi Grill consistently generates rave reviews on TripAdvisor for delicious food and attentive service. Similar to its sister restaurant Alfredo’s Steakhouse, it is located inside Dusit Thani Guam resort.

Savor Juicy Ribs at Jamaican Grill

The Caribbean island of Jamaica may be a long way from Guam, but its food has found a comfortable home in the South Pacific. Jamaican Grill has three branches in Guam and is a long-standing restaurant popular for its grilled fare. Must try dishes include its succulent ribs, barbecue chicken, and jerk chicken. Order any of these with a side or red rice, and wash it down with their Jah-mango tea for a deliciously satisfying meal.

Stop at Caliente for Mexican Food

If you’re craving Mexican food, head to Caliente in Hagåtña. This no-frills taqueria serves some of the most authentic Mexican food in Guam. The service is fast, and the food is fresh and delicious. Order one of their burritos, soft tacos, or quesadillas, and pair it with a refreshing glass of margarita. Be sure to enjoy the free salsa station with a complimentary bowl of tortilla chips.

Get Your fill of Korean food at Sejong Korean Restaurant

Guam has a sizable Korean migrant population, and the island is a popular vacation spot for Korean tourists. If you have a hankering for some authentic Korean food, then Sejong Korean Restaurant is the place to go. It’s tucked away in a corner off Marine Corps Drive in Tamuning, but don’t let its nondescript location fool you. The restaurant is a popular lunch spot known for its quick service and reasonable prices. Get your fill of samgyupsal, bulgogi, bibimbap, and soju. The waitstaff are attentive and will assist you with grilling and prepping your meal.

Grab a Cup at Infusion Coffee and Tea

The coffee shop scene is thriving in Guam and one of the main proponents is homegrown brand Infusion Coffee and Tea. This local coffee house and café has seven branches across the island and is known for their delicious coffee, tea, frappes, smoothies, and fresh fruit juice. Order the drink of your choice and one of their sandwiches or pastries that are made in-house. Complimentary Wi-Fi is also available at all their branches.
We’ve just scratched the surface of Guam’s culinary offerings with the list above. Guam’s food scene is rich in diversity of flavor and choices. If you come with an empty stomach, you’ll be sure to leave with feeling satisfied in your belly and soul.

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