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Traveling to a Country Without Knowing the Language – Travel Tips

A lot of people say that traveling and finding out that the place you went to is filled with people that speak your native language makes things a lot easier. And it does, but it also takes some of the adventure an authenticity at the same time.

It can be a bit difficult not to know the local language. It means you will find a lot of challenges but there are fun things that can happen to you too.

4 Tips for a Great Time when you Travel to a Country where a Language you know Nothing about is Spoken:

Bilingual Sign
Photo By: John Sheldon

1. This is a really easy and simple one that not a lot of people take the time to do and can be very helpful. Learn a few basic words or phrases. It can do wonders!

2. Body language is also very important and miming can be extremely helpful. This works great when asking for directions or food at a restaurant and anything you might need.

3. Even if you already know a few basic words, make your best effort to learn something else. Most locals will be glad to help you, it makes them feel good and respected to see that you are trying to learn their language instead of trying to force them to understand your own.

4. If all else fails you can always rely on English. It is a universal language, so chances are you will find signs and people that speak English in the main touristic areas. So make sure you practice your English. There are plenty of places where you can do it, one of them is the London school of English.

So don’t let fear of not knowing the local language hold you back from traveling.

One thought on “Traveling to a Country Without Knowing the Language – Travel Tips”

  1. I definitely agree with all these tips. Body language is a huge one and can actually take you very far. It’s all about acting like a child…reading behaviors and using basic words do wonders in communication. Great article!

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