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Traveling Solo – 8 Amazing Places You Must Visit Alone

Solo holidays are really entertaining; you can decide yourself when to get up, what to eat and where to go because no one cares. It is a perfect time to try something you have never tried before traveling with someone else: spend a week on camping in the Central America, surfing in Latin America or riding a motorcycle on the Southeastern Asia.Eight of the best places that you can travel to on your own, you will also learn what makes them special.Find a detail list of traveling solo.
Traveling Solo

Moreover, if you travel with your friends, the chance for meeting new people is almost zero; if you have already got a company, then why should you search for another one? The things that can stop you from booking tickets just right now you are such questions as “How to find the safest places to travel alone” and “What cheap places to choose”. To answer these, let us choose the top 8 places to travel solo:

1. New Zealand
New Zealand is considered to be the inspiration for the settings of the famous “Lords of the Rings” movies. Thus, if you are musing of having a vacation by yourself in this country, you have a wide range of options: you can get lost in numerous rain forests or enjoy the picks of the South Alps. Kiwis are extremely friendly and like strangers, who have spent a lot of time to get to their motherland, thus you won’t have any problems if you choose this destination.


2. Norway
The minimal list of things you should do if you choose this country for single travel is traveling on a ferry called Hurtigruten, which stops in many local port villages; enjoy traveling along fjords of Bergen and Stavanger, which really can take your breath away and, certainly try popular local delicacy – black chokeberry, which is widely used for decorating houses by locals and for a meal as well. You can check the site here for more info.

3. Switzerland
The fact that numerous huge businesses and companies prefer having their capitals stored in Swizz banks emphasizes the level of its safety. This is an ideal country for hiking; just put on your comfy sneakers, buy Swiss Rail Pass, which is valid for trains, trams and ferries and start your journey. You should visit Zurich, an optimal place for walking, feed the ducks of Geneva Lake, visit various museums and Ticino, a cozy Italian place in this country.

4. Costa Rica
You can have marvelous holidays in Costa Rica. This is a picturesque place with crystal clear waters, evergreen forests and national parks with rich flora and fauna and the most beautiful beaches in the whole world.

5. Austria
It is very difficult to get lost in the tiny capital of Austria, even if you do not have a modern navigator or a paper map. Everything you need is going from one concert hall to another, visiting various museums and art galleries on your way and spending time in the cozy cafes. This country is really worth visiting all year round.

6. Chili
The Chileans are very friendly and amiable, they will be very pleased to welcome a traveler, who is eager to discover their country that is 4.630 km in length. Here you can go to the North to the Atacama desert, or to the South to the Chiloe island or visit magical place – Patagonia, but do not forget to have several days to spare in Santiago.

7. Japan
Nowadays Japan has transformed into the Mecca for solo travelers: you can find there numerous capsule hotels, sushi cafes with automatic conveyors together will all types of transport. This is why you do not even need to communicate with the other people to get help, but nevertheless, you feel quite comfortable. It is normal in Japan to meditate and spend time alone, thus you can always find people, who enjoy themselves behind the bar or in the garden full of sakuras.

8. Indonesia
You can find various temples, yoga studios, cheap apartments, healthy and delicious meal, massages and private retreat in the lotus position on the beach. Moreover, Bali is a perfect place for backpacking and yoga practice, and it is crowded with people, who are in search of their right way, sometimes even without a return ticket.

Solo traveling is very interesting, but on the other hand, not everyone will dare to try it once. But sometimes you really have to become your own hero, thus if you still hesitate, forget about all your fears and start enjoying yourself now. There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind and a spontaneous break in your routine is that very thing you need now.

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