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Traveling to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular cities of Brazil and the second largest in the country. The reason for its popularity is the amazing landscape that offers an enormous variety of things to do in the area. This is a place where a tropical weather, amazing beaches, high peaks, a colorful culture and a modern city become one.

This beach front city offers many different activities and adventures to be had, great variety of hotels and a wide selection of restaurants for you to choose from.

Praia de Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro

Photo By: Cyro A. Silva

Popular Activities in the area are:

1. Spending time at the beach, this is the main reason why people visit Rio. The place has beautiful white sanded beaches close to the hotels and services you might need. It is where you can relax and have a great time.

2. Hiking and Trekking in the Mountains behind the city have lots of forests for travelers to explore. They are paradise for nature lovers. But keep in mind to always have a local with you, many trails are not well marked.

3. Panoramic flights in helicopters are also pretty popular. There is no better way to get a look at the beauties of Rio.

4. Then there is clubbing. There are many different clubs with different kinds of music for travelers to choose form. Most of them are in the middle of everything, close to hotels and shops.

This huge city along with its famous carnival is waiting for you! If your concerned about accommodations in Rio de Janeiro, don’t worry there is something for everyone, luxury hotels, big resorts, boutique hotels, small and cheap hostels too.

So get the planning going! You Belizean vacation is waiting!

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