Traveling Life Hacks for Weed Lovers

Since the change in regulations regarding cannabis, many 420 lovers are more open about indulging in the substance. Some tokers are even traveling with marijuana, so they don’t have to go without their favorite strain on vacation. 

It’s essential to remember that although some states permit you to possess weed seeds and buds, cannabis is still federally illegal. Even when traveling between two states where cannabis is allowed, the laws can be hazy. 

Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks for taking your favorite green herb on your trip. 

Are you ready to learn more about how to travel with weed? 

Let’s jump in. 

Simple Toker Hacks 

The first aspect you need to familiarize yourself with is the laws in the region you’re traveling to. Once you know what’s permitted, stick to those limits. If cannabis isn’t allowed in the state, don’t risk it. 

When traveling to a weed-friendly place, these handy tips should help. 

Flying High 

Airports can seem intimidating, and the best way to fly with weed is by keeping your stash small and discreet. Many tokers prefer storing cannabis in their carry-on luggage and hiding it in plain sight, like in a cigarette box or toiletries. 

Keep in mind that airport security is on the lookout for grave threats, so your buds aren’t high on their priority lists. That said, it’s up to you to be inconspicuous when moving through the terminal. 

Whether traveling from one legal state to another or to a state where cannabis is prohibited, federal law doesn’t permit it. There is a risk regardless of where you’re flying to, but some airports have a more lenient policy than others. Once again, it’s your choice to do it or not.

If you’re wondering how to get weed through the TSA, it’s simple, don’t draw attention to yourself. Keep everything else about your journey above board. 

Don’t pack items like knives or lighters that can flag you as a risk. In most cases, security personnel look for products like these that can potentially cause harm. Your stash is more likely to be confiscated if you’re caught breaking these rules. 

Another critical piece of advice is never to keep your weed in a checked bag. It may seem less risky, but this type of luggage goes through a different screening process. In some cases, security does random checks, and items get confiscated. 

Driving with a Doobie

An old-school road trip with a couple of friends and a stash of hash sounds like the recipe for a good time. Some tokers say that driving is the best way to transport weed, but even this method can cause legal issues.

If you get pulled over and police officers discover the buds, you could be in for a hefty fine. The amount depends on how much marijuana they find and the rules of that state. 

There are three main rules to take a scenic drive with cannabis safely. 

  • Keep the quantity low: It’s less likely for an officer to find a smaller stash, and if they do, the consequences won’t be as severe. It’s easier to store in unsuspecting places. You can always top up your weed when you get to your destination.
  • Pack discreetly: If you’re taking over-the-counter painkillers on your trip, stuff a bud or two into that container. Then, place it in a bag that masks the smell. 
  • Don’t light up in the vehicle: As cool as the concept of hotboxing may seem, don’t smoke marijuana in the car. That scent is hard to kill, and driving while baked isn’t a good idea either. Make it clear to your passengers too, and only indulge in the holy herb once you arrive at your cannabis tourism destination. 
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General Tips

Whether flying or driving, you may find these general toker life hacks handy for when you’re out of town. Keep a low profile about taking marijuana with you on a journey. It’s the safest option until legislation on how to transport weed legally changes. As for packing and enhancing your 420 experience in a new region, here are some ideas: 

  • Sweeten that smoke: If you know how to roll a joint, roll a drop of honey over the skin once it’s ready. Many tokers claim that this helps prevent it from burning too quickly. It’s a handy tip if you don’t want to use up everything you brought with you too quickly.
  • Pack properly: As part of your trip preparation, you must ensure that you pack everything you need. This includes items for toking. Cottonmouth, dry eyes, and chapped lips are common after a delicious buzz. Pack a few things to reduce these discomforts. A bottle of eyedrops and sunglasses not only soothe the irritating sensation but masks those dilated blood vessels in your eyes. Keep some water on hand and throw a few lip balm sticks in your bag before you leave. Don’t forget to bring along small snacks and candies to nibble on when those munchies hit.
  • A backup plan: Pack a clean penny and pill bottle in your luggage. If necessary, these can serve as a makeshift grinder. Make sure that you’ve sterilized the penny with rubbing alcohol. If the need arises, pop a bud in the bottle, along with the coin. Then close it and shake it vigorously.
  • Protect those nugs: Marijuana lovers who know how to ship weed cross country sometimes protect them with bubble wrap. As an added benefit, this helps mask the scent.

Simplifying 420 Travel

Nothing brings relaxation to a vacation like taking a couple of puffs from your favorite strain. But, even in states where enjoying marijuana is legal, transporting your stash is sometimes a challenge. 

These tips and tricks can help you when you’re traveling with marijuana. If you live in a state where weed is legal, taking a short trip within that region shouldn’t pose any issues with the law. Try these tips next time you visit a neighboring town that fits this description.

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