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Traveling with Kids in NYC – The Tiny Traveler Guide to the Big Apple

As a mama raising 2 super active kids, I know how important it is to keep kids engaged when traveling. We want to keep them safe, so a big, urban city would be out of the question? For example, a city as big as New York? I can already hear mom’s all over the world shaking their heads but here’s the deal, New York is actually a super child-friendly city! According to my buddy Eric (a New Yorker like myself with two kids, so he knows the deal); Manhattan has become very safe in recent years. Also, for those still accompanied by strollers, it’s actually very stroller friendly!Full travel guide about the best things to do and see while Traveling with Kids in NYC.Take a look at this family travel tips.

Traveling with Kids in NYC

Preparation is key but I still find myself worrying last minute about minor details, even after all these years of traveling (old habits die hard!). Top thoughts are: what if we get lost? Or worst of all, what if there’s a last minute urgency for the bathroom? Thankfully, in the New York app you can get unlimited access to the city map showing all the WiFi locations and public toilets (so hopefully no “accidents”!). In addition, the subway map with all the metro lines and stations can be used offline- and it’s free!

Traveling with Kids in NYC

I feel like as mama’s, we are busy enough- even when we’re on holiday! Personally, the last thing I want to do is rummage around in my bag for tickets while juggling both my kids in a busy line. A discount pass is a good way to have your tickets on one card to the attractions you want to see, along with saving money. Everything has been summarized in this neat post so even the busiest moms can check the difference between each pass!

Traveling with Kids in NYC

It’s still cold in February around the city, but a little snow never stopped us! The secret is to have a mixture of outdoor and indoor activities. Along with a lot of layers and gloves to keep tiny hands warm! In the New York calendar there’s outdoor activities like ice skating and for those colder days, why not go see a sports game? Cheer along while the kids enjoy traditional American snacks!

Traveling with Kids in NYC

I know too well it is difficult for us to keep our kids entertained when traveling (they’re as busy as popcorn on a skillet!), but did you know it isn’t that difficult in New York? Eric insists there is a lot to do for kids, and from my own experience; I agree! My oldest son is a huge art lover so he really loved The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Whereas, my youngest New Yorker was completely immersed by The Lion King on Broadway. For those sunnier days, cycling in Central Park is a must to explore. Eric’s list has you covered with things to do with kids in New York, rain or shine.

Traveling with Kids in NYC

It’s daunting trying to find a place to eat after a day of activities, especially if there are so many places! Do you go for burgers or pizza? Maybe something fancier? Is there room for a stroller? It sounds daunting but trust me it’s not! After all the sightseeing, learning and exploring, Eric recommends Carmines. It’s a traditional New York-Italian restaurant which means BIG portions for families who want a little bit of everything. From delicious pizza, always a hit with the kiddos, to dessert (another success!). Whether you’re traveling with babies, teenagers and kids in between, my pal Eric has you covered with “feeding time at the zoo” with his recommendations.

I hope I’ve reassured you that New York isn’t as scary as you first thought for kids! But if you still need further reassurance or you have any questions shoot an email to Eric ( He knows the city like the back of his hand!

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