Traveling To Japan: Where to Go

There really is nothing like getting the Japan Experience and I have loved Japan since the first time that I was there. It really is a country that is unique and unlike any other place on earth. The mix of beautiful food, culture, nature and cities makes it one of the most interesting places for me. I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to write more about a place that I really love, so read on to find out more.Four of the best places to visit when you travel to Japan.Take a look at this post to learn about traveling to Japan during Asia tour.

Traveling To Japan

4 Places to Visit when Traveling To Japan


The bustling capital of Japan is one of the largest cities in the world and it truly is a place that you need some time to explore. There are all kinds of tourist attractions and hidden gems for you to find in its lively districts. I love visiting places like Harajuku, Roppongi and Shibuya, because they offer everything, such as sightseeing, nightlife, interesting people and great food. When in Tokyo I would highly recommend visiting the stunning Imperial Palace, eating some great food or going on the ultimate shopping adventure. Tokyo is definitely the place to start in Japan and an interesting place to compare to other cities and would be first on my list for this reason.

Traveling To Japan


When we think of traveling to Japan, we often think of the traditional and elegant culture that makes it world famous. Shrines, temples, monuments and traditional clothing are what we think of when we picture Japan and this is the perfect description for Kyoto. It has hundreds of temples, including some very large and famous ones, like Kinkaku or Kiyomizu temple. Zen Buddhism is practiced here and you can learn so much about this peaceful religion, its practices and ideals. The temples are often a beautiful reflection of this in their setting and architecture. They combine the most beautiful elements of nature and man made elements and it is a truly relaxing experience to see these wonderful places.


The second largest city is well known for its food and as a trade city. In comparison to Tokyo, Osaka is very different, particularly with the people and the feeling that you get when there. It is slightly more relaxed than Tokyo, but the people are much more passionate and full of life. I think I love eating the most in Osaka and my when heading there would be to try the local dishes, such as Okonomiyaki. This is a nice savoury pancake that is topped with things like pickled ginger, mayonnaise and a sweet/savoury sauce.


To me Okinawa is one of the most interesting parts of Japan, because it simply does not feel like Japan. This is mainly seen in the beaches, islands and weather that resembles South East Asia. At one point Okinawa was its own separate kingdom, and the people have different customs and culture than many other Japanese people. This is an interesting contrast and is a great place to seek the sun and some relaxation, with some incredible nature and beaches.

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