10 Reasons Why Traveling is the Best Education

That’s what Earth is filled with. Just imagine this – you get to meander through an enchanting African village, camp out in the Canadian tundra, or even hike through the vibrant Amazon rain forest. Ten reasons why traveling is the best education. Here is everything that traveling can teach you and discover travel is the best education.

As humans, we all travel for various reasons – some for personal growth and self-discovery while others want to look at life through a new lens.

Many, on the other hand, consider the world as a never-ending university and travel as it helps to develop their intelligence. Much of the education that people mostly get, they are through 4-walled classrooms or through a textbook – and while they are not wrong, they certainly get the job done, but they are not as fun and eye-opening as traveling the world.

As you travel the world, you get to broaden your intellectual, spiritual, and cultural education in ways that you can never imagine. With ‘travel’ as your teacher, it will never fail you.

Still find it hard to believe?

Travel is the Best Education

Take a look at the following reasons why travel can be the best life coach and teacher that you never knew you wanted.

Why Traveling is the Best Teacher?

It will teach you to improvise

Traveling is not exactly a bed of roses – it is more of a test of will, patience, and endurance. Things can suddenly look bleak, and well-made plans can go awry; and of course, who can forget the unforeseen roadblocks along the way – remember, damaged luggage, misplaced boarding passes, and even booked rides can show up late.

Challenges, they may be, but they will teach you to improvise, of how you can deal with and survive these unfortunate events. In the end, they will unleash your inner survivor and inventor, as you will learn to come up with hacks on the spot that will help you to make your trips cheaper and more efficient.

It will take you back in time

Want to learn about the history and past of the world? That’s why museums and historical attractions are there.

But, you know what?

What you see and learn in history textbooks, it’s different from when you get to experience these wonders in person. Traveling can illuminate the numerous perspectives of the history and past of a place. When you visit these museums, galleries, and palaces, you can see the entire past of the country unveiled before your eyes.

When exploring a country, learning about its changes, dynasties, and conflicts can be easy, plus, you will also easily understand a country’s culture and history.

It will force you to step out of your comfort zone

After you go on an abroad trip, you won’t be the same ever again.

Traveling can help you to step out of your daily grind of life, and can release you from the cage that you have caged yourself in – it will help you to give a better perspective of yourself.

You will find yourself in unknown territories, and that will force you to step out of your comfort zone. Traveling can help you to become more confident, responsible, and independent. You will become much better at thinking on your feet and will help you to discover strengths, skills, and passions that you never knew you had it in you.

Traveling may seem glamorous on this side, but, in reality, it’s a challenge – be open, resilient, and tolerant.

It will teach you to learn new languages

Today, English is spoken around the world, and the chances are that it will work mostly for you when traveling. But, still, it’s important to brush up a bit on the native language of the country that you are going to visit.

In the countries that you are going to visit, if English is not their official language, learn the native language either through a textbook or an audiobook.

After getting the foundations straight, you can try to stretch your new language skills by chatting it up with the natives of the country that you are visiting. It will help you in expanding your cultural horizons and develop your listening and speaking skills.

It will let you explore cultural differences

Traveling helps you to communicate and interact with other cultures, and in doing so, you can find out how you vary from them.

Say, for instance, in Mexico it is quite common to see people taking a nap after lunch, while, in Italy, people go on post-meal walks.

Different cultures have different manners and social expectations. Before traveling, make sure that you learn about all these aspects, or you are in for a big “cultural shock”. Different they may be from you, but learn to embrace them with an open mind when you are there. After all, learning is the ultimate point of traveling.

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It will let you uncover cultural similarities

Okay, you have already observed that your culture differs from theirs, but what about the common ground?

Maybe, you and the people around you share a common love for art? Or maybe, your social and moral values align with each other? It’s quite easy to break and distinguish people who are different from each other.

When traveling, forgo these notions and break the barriers by finding common interests.

It will teach you to be free and independent

When traveling, don’t feel that you should adhere too strictly to a plan.

Feel free to get lost down a sun-soaked alley – and who knows, you may even end up discovering a new coffee cafe. Every place that you end up visiting will be unique and a new experience for you – in short, there are so many memories that are waiting to be made.

Traveling can also motivate you to participate locally – opportunities such as volunteer efforts and eco programs abound. Learn to indulge in those opportunities – after all, participating in a country’s daily tempo will be a rich and educated hands-on experience and demands that you lead with a curious and open mind.

It will teach you the art of connection

It’s very easy to connect with others if we share something similar. But with a country that is vastly different from ours, the same cannot be sad. But that doesn’t mean that you will forgo the country. No country is similar, and despite sharing a few similarities, they are vastly different.

Give each country a chance – be a witness to both the positive and negatively perceived places, and find a way to learn and connect with people of other nations despite them having dissimilar attitudes or beliefs.

Connecting with people from various parts of the globe provides you with a whole new insight and perspective about a culture that was earlier foreign to you. Nothing beats the experience of bypassing what the media tells you about a place and discovering it by yourself and connecting with it in real time.

You will get to listen to the inspiring stories of people from around the world and will help you to connect with them on a compassionate note.

It helps to build up a community

From participation to discovery to connection to understanding, travel can help to build up a community.

Whether you plan to go solo, as an exchange student, or simply take a break on the weekend, your community will grow. Traveling will force you to rethink your idea of a community – it won’t be exclusive to your hometown; rather, it will lead you to include a global community. Community is something that is something physical and tangible and can be created and sustained by connection and understanding.

Traveling, if done right, can help you to understand how dynamics work globally and with a heightened sense of responsibility to the greater community.

It leads to empowerment

Traveling can expand your worldview, and the more you travel, the more you can expand your worldview and the more, you are empowered to embrace yourself and be your authentic self; it will also prompt you to take action that supports global development practices. You will gain skills that will make an impact beyond life and community.

No matter how much you study in classrooms, travel will offer much more – not only you will gain a deeper understanding, but it will force you to rethink everything that you thought you knew.

Traveling can change your life – it will put you in unfamiliar territory, and in the process, you will re-discover yourself.

In times of conflict and hatred, the world may seem scary, but know this – there is so much to learn from traveling if you step out of the zone where you feel safe and secure.

The philosophy is simple – the best way to gain new insights and perspectives is through traveling. As such, you should approach professional travel agencies to create an enriching experience for you. An essential point to keep in mind is arranging the visas beforehand to have a trouble-free travel experience, for you can service online visa companies such as Pickvisa.com.

Combining the power of our motto with the thrill of travel, we can help –

  • Expand your knowledge of the world
  • Understand new people, and immerse yourself in new cultures
  • Discovering about you
  • Becoming more independent and confident

When you grow in these ways, you become more curious and open-minded and become more accepting of yourself and the world.

Last Updated on October 10, 2022

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