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Five Unordinary Destinations for Winter Traveling in Ukraine

If you opt for spending your vacation within the borders of Ukraine, you might be looking for the best solutions to have an incredible and unforgettable travel experience in your life. Therefore, you may visit and choose what you like, or read the following list of the best winter destinations in this country.Five of the best places to visit when you travel to Ukraine.In this blog post you will find information about traveling in Ukraine.

Traveling in Ukraine


Dzembronia, Ivano-Frankivsk Region
The high-mountain Carpathian settlement of Dzembronia with the population of only 300 people is the perfect destination to run away from civilization. Everyone who has once visited this place said that Dzembronia is something unique. In the 20th century, such prominent Ukrainian persons as Sergey Paradzhanov, Vasily Stefanik, and Lesya Ukrainka came here for inspiration.

Nowadays, the workshops for landscape painters are held in the picturesque area of Dzembronia surrounded with mountains from all directions. Besides, the modern Dzembronia is the center of green tourism. It has many benefits for an amazing relaxation including clear mountain air, forests, and meadows, as well as the third high mountain in Ukraine called Pop Ivan.

This destination attracts the hiking fans and people searching for inspiration.

Mezin, Chernihiv Region

Traveling in Ukraine - Chernihiv Region

The small village of Mezin is located within the Mezin National Park. The admirers of this destination gently call it “the Ukrainian Switzerland”. It is all about a similar landscape introducing bright green meadows together with small lakes.

If you are going to come here in winter, you can accommodate in one of the hotels located in a pine forest. Every morning the visitors of Mezin can walk in the woods and feed squirrels and chipmunks. The fans of skating can try a new arena – skating on the frozen lakes.

Volosianka, Lviv Region

Traveling in Ukraine - Lviv Region

This mountain resort settlement in the Lviv region is the destination where everyone can feel himself a special guest. Not far from there is the Slavske ski resort. However, Volosianka is only in the process of gaining its popularity that makes it unique and charming. The main three reasons to visit this mountain destination are the magic sunsets and dawns, incredible meadows and developed infrastructure.

Opishnia, Poltava Region

Traveling in Ukraine Poltava Region

Opishnia is the ancient Cossack town located only three hundred kilometers from Kiev. This destination is considered the capital of the Ukrainian pottery. It is not famous among the tourists, however, those who happened to visit Opishnia admit this unique place.

It should be noted that a century ago one thousand talented and hard working potters whose products were exported worldwide.

Vyzhnytsia, Chernivtsi Region

Traveling in Ukraine sheshory

The settlement of Vyzhnytsia in the Chernivtsi region is the destination filled with beautiful attractions such as 12 waterfalls, raging Cheremosh River, the picturesque Nemchich mountain pass, and Dovbush Caves. In the summer, this place turns into the center of green tourism, while in the winter it is the ski slope. Indeed, Vyzhnytsia is the universal destination for both inspirations seeking dreamers and active inquisitive tourists. Besides, it is the start point of Bukovina Carpathians.

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