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Make Sure Your Smart Phone Has These Features

Traveling abroad for the first time can be scary, especially if you’re on your own. Luckily, if you have a high-quality smartphone on hand, you’ll never be truly alone. Having a phone in your arsenal gives you the ability to contact friends and family back home whenever you’re feeling down. Upgrade your phone’s SIM card to ensure you’ll have low-priced local service wherever you roam.Lists of all the features that your phone should have when you travel.In this article you will find an info about traveling in 2017.

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Traveling in 2017 - Travel Apps

Phones are also an important tool for documenting your trip, which is why it’s important to have a phone with high-tech camera capabilities, as these can sometimes outperform regular point-and-shoot cameras. Use your phone’s automated settings or tinker in the settings menu to access panoramic shots, low-light features, and landscape modes. To make sure you never run out of space for your photos and videos, upgrade your phone’s storage capacity. This will also give you more room for music, movies, and podcasts to listen to while on the road or in the air. And of course, having a large, high-resolution display makes using your phone that much more pleasant.

Because you will probably be using your phone non-stop when traveling, it’s important to look into unlimited data plans. With the T-Mobile ONE Plan, you’ll be able to use GPS navigation, Skype with your family back home, or check Yelp for the best local restaurants in over 140 countries without running up your phone bill or having to change your SIM card. To ensure you never run out of juice in a crucial moment, make sure your phone has a long battery life. For more tips on what features your phone should have when traveling, check out the info graphic below.


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